100 push-up variations will ensure you’ll never get bored with them

push-up variationsI’m a fan of bodyweight exercises, because they’re effective, accessible, and usually don’t cost a penny to get set up for. And while there may be more exciting choices for workout options at your local gym, you can’t beat the convenience of exercises that can be done with just your own bodyweight and a little bit of space.

Take, for example, the basic push-up, which doesn’t require anything more than gravity and willpower, but which can effectively build strength across the entire chest and arms, while also working your core muscles. For those new to an active lifestyle, or that skipped gym class and calisthenics, the standard push-up is plenty difficult to begin with, and just doing several sets of them every other day or so can be enough to challenge you.

However, if you’re ready to break away from the basic version and try some new push-up variations, building strength and mobility in a wider range of motion and integrating more muscle groups into the movement, then these 100 push-up variations from Sgt. Mike Volkin will keep you busy for a while.

Each of the push-up icons on the page is linked to an instructional video for that particular push-up variation, so you’ll know exactly how to perform each one.

push-up variations

113 Killer Push Up Variations and Exercises

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