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I’ve been spinning a speed rope off and on for the last couple of years, after taking about 20 years off. I learned the basics of a speed rope routine as a wrestler and a wannabe gym rat when I was a teenager, but I never really stuck with it afterward, I recommend checking where you will find plenty of boxing info. So I’m rediscovering the incredible cardio and speed benefits that come from spinning a rope as a regular part of my workouts.

The speed rope is a superb conditioning tool, and for me, because it incorporates rhythm and the entire body, it acts like a re-set button for my body. The left-right up-down movement has an effect on me that I can’t even put into words. In my mind, it falls in the same arena as dancing, cycling, running, or even playing a hand drum.

If you want to be put in your place, just pick up a speed rope and keep it spinning for even just a minute… Anyway, when I’m not motivated to go spin or get my workout in, I watch a video of a speed rope workout, and I’m generally jazzed to go and spin.

This first video is basic stuff, but a good one for those who are new to speed ropes and want a basic routine.

1. I love this video, ’cause it looks totally spontaneous – the guy’s in jeans, and he just starts busting out the rope tricks about halfway in.

2. This dude’s fast, and the video is nicely done. I appreciate the fact that it shows some flubs at the end – not every jump is perfect. The sped rope is a difficult thing to master.

3. Ok, here’s a Floyd Mayweather Jr speed rope routine, but not by Mayweather himself. That one’s next. This guy is pretty skilled, though. You can tell he’s put in the hours.

4. Not so great video quality here, but about 2 minutes in, Mayweather is just smoking with his speed rope routine: fast and smooth, making it look super easy.

5. The video says “King of the Jump Rope” but I don’t think that does justice to some of the other routines that follow. He is pretty dang good with a speed rope, though.

6. Buddy Lee – phenomenal routine. You need to watch this a couple of times, at least. And then bust out your own speed rope and give it a go!

7. Ross is one of my heroes. This speed rope workout video is about 4 years old. The next one is even better.

8. OK, Ross Enamait is just simply awesome with a speed rope. Check out his site, Ross Training. The guy’s a monster, and he trains boxers and fighters with his routines.

9. This man is definitely worthy of the title “The Jump Rope King.” I don’t know how long he’s been training, but I’m impressed (and humbled).

10. This is a short one, but well worth it for the reaction of the other guys when he gets up to speed (and dodges a punch at the end!).

11. One extra video for fun – not a speed rope routine, but double dutch and freestyle jumping. Sweeeet.

Image: woodleywonderworks on Flickrboxin

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7 thoughts on “Speed Ropes: 10 Awesome Speed Rope Workouts

  • Very informative video, thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome exposure to jump-roping, there’s a reason some of the world’s top conditioned athletes do it so consistently.

  • Thanks for the videos, felt like I have done a workout just watching them. I agree that speed rope is a great way to keep fit. However it jump ropes generally seem to be disappearing from playgrounds, shame because it is an excellent way to stay fit while having fun.

  • I just tried this for a minute – whew, I have a new respect for this kind of conditioning. No wonder it is an old military standby. Thanks for the videos.


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