7 Ways to Earn Money as a Stay at Home Dad

home keyboardThe life of a stay at home dad is not always easy, as you sometimes struggle to cope with the idea that you are no longer working. In addition, not having an income source of your own can take away some of your freedom, since you must ask your partner for money if you want to do something outside of the home.

Luckily, there are a few ways to earn money from home, as long as you find the right niche and work hard in your spare time.

1. Freelance Writing

A freelance writer works on a per assignment basis and in most cases, can choose how much he works. This provides an excellent opportunity because you can work in the evenings after the kids are in bed or even put together a couple of articles while they play in the other room. Freelancers have the opportunity to make their own hours so as long as you can complete your assignments by your deadlines, you can make some good money.

2. Blogging

Becoming a blogger is similar to freelance writing, as you will be developing content for the web. The difference is that you will run your own blog, rather than creating content for someone else. This provides you with even more freedom, since you will not have to meet someone else’s deadlines. You can make money through your blog through ad revenue, which involves putting advertisements on your blog, or by writing product reviews that include links to the products. Many companies will offer commission if you can generate sales for them. Traffic to your blog will rise as you learn to implement good SEO practices, as taught at Omega SEO.

3. Web Design

If you have any sort of coding experience, web design can be very lucrative. Once again, you will be hired out by various businesses and individuals to complete their website or even just a web graphic by a certain deadline. You can get started by taking a few web design courses, if you do not have any experience.

4. Social Media Manager

The popularity of social networking means that many businesses need someone to run their accounts. They are very likely to hire someone to do this from home, since it really does not require any in-office work. All you will have to do is update the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the day and keep an eye on how the company is perceived on other social media platforms. Kotton Grammer, a popular St Louis SEO expert claims Social Media Marketing can really have a great impact on your finances.

5. Affiliate Marketing

At one time, affiliate marketing was one of the most popular work from home jobs. The general idea is that you market a company’s products and make money for every sale that you generate. Affiliate marketing is great because you can sell products without having to keep them at your house. All of the products are shipped from a warehouse, so all you have to do is focus on making sales. This market is highly saturated at the moment, but it can still be a money-making opportunity for someone with great sales skills.

6. Online Sales

The popularity of eBay and Amazon make it possible for stay at home dads to sell items that they have purchased for a profit. Many people go the eBay route because they can sell items that they already have around the house, kind of like a virtual garage sale. You can now open up your own store on eBay as well, which gives you the chance to market yourself. Some people make a great living by selling items on eBay and it takes very little time once you have your store up and running.

7. Real Estate

Entering the real estate industry is viable for a stay at home dad because you can network throughout the day and then head out to show houses in the evening. This is especially true today because so much of the networking can be completed via email, so you do not have to worry about your children acting up during a phone call. There are plenty of real estate sites that can teach you the ropes of this industry in a hurry.

[About the author: James White is a freelance writer and father of two adorable children. Read more articles from James on his blog Infobros.com. Image: Mr Conguito]

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