5 Easy Ways to Save Money a Little at a Time

save energy and moneySaving money is a goal for many people, as individuals look to cut costs and increase the amount they have left in savings for times of need. This task doesn’t always have to get accomplished through large cuts, such as getting rid of the cable altogether or never going out to eat. With a few easy ways, people can start saving money a little at a time without having to drastically alter their lifestyle.

Make Coffee at Home

While it’s fine to splurge on Starbucks once in awhile, people should try making their own coffee at home most days. It’s far less expensive but still has the same great taste if made right. By getting different flavored coffee syrups, home coffee makers can create numerous tastes to try something new each day.

Wash Your Own Car

Perhaps you frequent the car wash, paying to get your vehicle sparkling clean. The average price of an in-bay car wash, like the ones typically provided at a gas station, is $6.34. A person who takes their car in for cleaning once a week could save themselves at least $25 a month. Those who receive a full-service car wash are usually paying around $15 each time, making the savings even more beneficial. Washing at home is rather easy, with the only real requirements being a bucket of soapy water, a hose, and a sponge. To go the extra mile, some wax and a rag will prove helpful.

Use Coupons

Almost everyone receives free coupons in the mail, yet many people do not take advantage of them. Buy one get one half off, buy one get one free, discounted meal deals, and more offers are provided by local businesses and city hotspots. The problem most people seem to have is that they forget to clip their coupons and bring them along, meaning they don’t have them available when it comes time to pay. They end up paying full price and never using that coupon they wanted. To fix this problem, people should start clipping their coupons and placing them in their purse or wallet right after receiving them to ensure they are always available when needed. It’s one of the easiest ways people can save themselves money.

Keep a Change Jar

Those who use cash often get change back, throwing it into their wallet or purse and never thinking much about it again. While it may look like just a few cents now after it accumulates with other change transactions it could grow into quite the sum of money. Keep a change jar and be diligent about placing all of your change there at the end of each day. Once it’s filled, you can take it into the bank or to a Coinstar machine offered at many grocery stores to exchange it for dollar bills. Either use this as spending money or add it to the savings account for even more growth.

Invite Friends Over

People don’t always have to spend money to go out with friends to bars or restaurants. Invite friends over instead and make something at home. Popcorn and a movie are far cheaper at home than it is in the theater, and a homemade meal costs far less than an expensive meal out. It’s also much more affordable to buy mixes to make drinks rather than getting a small $8 glass at the bar. Take turns going from your place to theirs and skip all the extravagant spending to save a ton. Save the nights out for special occasions.

These practices should not only be applied when people are in a financial crunch. Too many people make the mistake of thinking they can continue splurging and spending when they have funds, never stopping to think about what would happen if a serious emergency struck. Perhaps their car breaks down or they need to go to the emergency room and they have to pay out of pocket. Money should always be saved in case of emergencies like these. Start saving in small ways today and watch your account grow quickly.

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