5 Awesome School & Club Fundraising Ideas for Dads

“Dad” is just one of the many hats you wear. With so many obligations competing for your time and attention, it’s all you can do to spend quality time with those who matter most — your kids.

Carving out quality time might not require schedule or lifestyle changes as drastic as you think. Setting aside a few hours for an essential activity like raising money for your kids’ extracurricular sports activities or community groups is a great way to fortify your most cherished relationships.

Try these six easy, kid-friendly fundraising ideas on for size.

  1. Host a Game Night

“Bingo night” doesn’t exactly scream “cool,” but you’d be surprised by the potential. From making cosmetic tweaks to the bingo cards to changing up how you call the game, there’s a lot you can do to make bingo night more enjoyable.

Or, try your hand at a younger game, like Apples to Apples. Just make sure it’s age-appropriate. Charge a reasonable buy-in and you’ll be well on your way to fundraising success.

  1. Sell Savings at a Known Quantity

Who says no to discounted pizza? Look for opportunities to partner with household-name restaurants and retailers to sell gift cards or certificates at a discount to face value. According to the experts at abcfundraising.com, committed fundraisers can earn up to 70% profit on sales of Domino’s pizza cards, for instance. Not a bad take for a known quantity that a fair number of your donors were probably planning on indulging in this week anyway.

  1. Table at Hometown Sporting Events

To see and be seen is the American way. Let your kid, her friends, and their parents know you’ve still got it by setting up your school fundraising table at extracurricular sporting events. What better way to spend a profitable Saturday than selling raffle tickets, gift cards, or team-branded swag at the (temporarily) hottest address in town?

  1. Recruit Local Business Owners for In-Kind Donations

Not the type to strut your stuff in front of fellow parents on the weekend? Work your magic behind the scenes instead. Hone your pitch, then bring it to local business owners willing to donate time, services, space, or merchandise to your cause. Line up the right combination of vendors and you could find yourself putting on your next fundraising event for next to nothing. If his schedule permits, bring your kid along for a few conversations and show him the power of a firm handshake.

  1. Show Off a “Cool” Skill

Like to be the center of attention, but not sure you want to sit still for an entire Saturday morning? Host a talent show or get the band back together (literally) for one last performance. For best results, charge reasonable admission and get sympathetic local business owners to donate space, equipment and food.

Quality Time Can Be Profitable

Few dads get to spend as much time as they’d like with their kids. Raising money side-by-side next weekend might be one of the few opportunities you have to spend an uninterrupted hour or two with your overscheduled child. Don’t let it go to waste. If you can pull in a few bucks for a cherished cause in the meantime, so much the better.

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

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