4 Ways To Save Money As A Work-From-Home Dad

By working from home, you’re already saving up to $4,000 a year. And that’s before you take childcare into account.

But working from home comes with its own fair share of financial struggles like high electric bills and paying for new electronics when your old ones crash. Unfortunately, you can’t rotate tires or get an oil change for your computer.

Additionally, it’s crucial to stay vigilant whenever online and beware of hackers. According to one recent study, a massive 60% of all small businesses permanently close their doors within just six months of a cyber attack taking place. To help you save a little extra cash here and there, here are a few ways you can save money as a dad that works from home.

  1. Get rid of the cable box. If you’ve been telling yourself that you should get rid of your cable and just switch to the Internet, you’re not alone. Traffic from wireless and mobile devices are expected to make up 63% of total IP traffic by 2021. With the average cable bill at over $100 a month, it makes sense to switch to an Internet-only household. Your kids can stream their shows while you work and you don’t have to worry about paying extra for channels you don’t watch.
  2. Buy office supplies when you buy school supplies. Back-to-school season brings out a lot of good deals on school supplies. If only cleaning supplies went on sale like this. While you’re shopping around getting your kids folders and crayons for the school year, do your own shopping for notebooks and sticky notes. You’ll save more buying in bulk when there’s a sale.
  3. Be smart with how you print. You might not be paying per-page when you print documents at home, but that doesn’t mean you’re saving money. Find a FedEx Office or a print shop near you. There are approximately 28 million small businesses in the U.S., so you’ll probably be able to find a print shop in your neighborhood. Calculate the per-page costs at the print shop to determine if the cost is worth it for the amount of printing you need. It might be cheaper to print there than at home. Fortunately, when you do print at home, you could earn back some of your printing costs by selling your used ink cartridges.
  4. Use as much sunlight as you can. When you work from home, you can easily make your utility bill skyrocket because you’re using electricity more often than you would if you worked in the office. To combat your electric bill, use as much natural sunlight as possible. Work by the window so you only need to turn on the light once the room gets dark or when your kids need to do their homework.

You might save a lot of money on transportation and childcare when you work from home. And just like taking your RV or camper on vacation instead of flying across the country, there are innovative ways you can save. But working from home brings its own financial challenges, too. By following the tips above, you can save money here and there as a work-from-home dad without breaking a sweat.

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