Working the Dad Look: How to Keep It Cool

There’s no doubt about it – once you become a dad, you automatically develop “the dad look”. But who says that has to be lame? There’s nothing wrong with grabbing the dad look and shaking it up to be cooler, classier, and better than ever. Here are our top tips on how to keep your dad look cool.


There’s nothing better to express yourself than a good shirt. In hot weather, Hawaiian or tropical style shirts are a great option, and the brighter the better! Bright colors, floral mixes, and animal prints are a great way to make your outfit pop and bring out the summer fun. In the colder seasons, toning it down a little is your best bet – that is, without going into grandpa mode. Flannel and lumberjack shirts are a great option for keeping a bit of color without overdoing it, and go well with almost any other item of clothing, from jeans to a thick coat.

We usually recommend button shirts to keep things casual, but smart – however, that doesn’t mean that t-shirts are completely out of the window. If you do decide to go for a t-shirt, you’ll want to go for something different and unique from your average (and often tacky) options. Sites like Redbubble can give you a huge range of quirky and on-trend styles and designs for shirts, so you can pick something like no other and give your outfit something different.


You’ll find a surprising amount of variation when it comes to what sort of pants you can go for – there are so many options! It’s not hard to keep it simple, though – in fact, we think in general, pants should stick to just one color to allow the rest of your outfit to pop, giving a base for that color to burst. Some blue jeans are fairly simple, and a few rips can keep you looking modern, while some simple gray trousers can give you a softer look.

In the summer, you can get a bit more creative; some shorts can go great, and you may even decide to wear swimming trunks as shorts. That way, you can add some more pattern and color to your outfit, while making it easy to go for a swim if you’re feeling it.


Accessories are the cherry on top of the dad look. You’ve got a huge range to choose from, but we recommend keeping it simple. Some glasses are a great option, and some trendy options like these Rigards and more @ Art of Optiks can add some flash to your look. Sunglasses can also work brilliantly in hot weather.

There are plenty other options – a watch can add some class to your look, and if you’re feeling a little smarter than usual, a smooth leather belt can bring your outfit together neatly. Our favorite accessory however has to be a good hat; whether it’s a laid-back beanie or baseball cap, a hat can add some extra spark to your look.

The dad look doesn’t have to be boring, just use these tips and own it!

Image: Pixabay

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