I Will Tell My Son How We Climbed Mountains

Before my son was born, my wife and I got outside all the time — rambling around the mountains, sleeping under the stars, and hanging around campfires. The thing is, we still do.

We want our son to grow up with dirt between his toes. To feel at home outside. To know the thrill of waking up before sunrise and staying up into dark skies without once stepping indoors.

Taking him into the woods has been one of the greatest pleasures of parenthood. At seven weeks old, we stashed him in the shade of a Ponderosa pine at the climbing crag. At six months we stuck him in a backpack and went cross-country skiing. His squeaks and squeals sounded like pure joy. Sure, it takes a little extra planning to get out there with him, but honestly, the dog is harder to deal with than the baby. (Babies do not bust out of tents in the middle of the night, for instance.)

It really comes down to balancing out the wifi world with analog world of trees and rivers and wildlife. It’s the thought of him spending a lifetime of getting outside that inspired the video below.

By Marty Brodsky

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