Top Apps To Help Keep That Father-Child DIY Project Moving

My father and I were very close growing up. This was partly due to the fact that he included me in so many different projects around the house. We bonded over those projects and many of those same projects are still standing in our family backyard.

Nowadays, kids can be attached to their gaming consoles or computers, while fathers (and mothers) can feel the pressure to get a lot done in a short amount of time due to the economy, time constraints, etc.

Luckily, mobile technology has stepped in and provided apps that allow kids to still enjoy their connection to technology, while fathers can still get those home improvement projects done in a timely manner – with their kids. Below is a list of mobile apps that will help bring you and your kid together for those all-important projects around the home.

ColorSmart by BEHR Mobile (Android, iOS – Free)

Picking paint colors can be difficult. Driving to and from the store with swatches is time-consuming, and ensuring that the color you want will actually look good on your walls can make you want to rip out your hair. With ColorSmart by BEHR Mobile you get to see how those colors will look on your walls before you go to the store to buy them. My son loves to play with the colors and even helps me make informed decisions about which colors we’ll use in our new home.

Houzz (iOS – Free)

Let them make the decision on which project comes next with Houzz – a massive collection of interior design ideas. Dubbed the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design,” this app gives you the power to choose from design ideas for up to 21 different categories of rooms. With more than 500,000 pictures, your child will have plenty to choose from.

iHandy Carpenter (Android, iOS – $1.99)

The iHandy Carpenter app includes five professional carpenter tools that are easy to use and give you accurate measurements. The plumb bob verifies verticality of lines or walls. The surface level helps level any flat surface. It’s also got a bubble level, protractor and ruler. All you (or your child) have to do is swipe your device along the edge of a surface to get accurate measurement.

Garden Plan Pro (iPad – $19.99)

Wanna grow your own garden? Garden Plan Pro makes it easy, giving you all the tools for the best garden design. It also tells you when to rotate crops and gives many useful tips on getting the maximum yield from your plants. It will also let you know which plants to place directly in the sun and which ones need a shady spot in the garden.

The Home Depot (Android, iOS – Free)

No home improvement project is complete without a few trips to the home improvement store, right? The Home Depot app gives you the advantage of knowing what supplies you’ll need before you head to the store, which, in turn, saves you time. With all the time saved, you and the kids can get a head start on that next home improvement project.

[About the author: Diane Kuehl is a freelance writer and DiY/home improvement enthusiast. She lives in Springfield, Illinois with her husband and two kids. Image: cogdogblog]

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