Three Main Fears of Single Dads

People have fears even when nothing threatens them, like war, hunger, or natural disasters. It does not matter to fear whether you are a man, or a woman, have children and not, whether you are single dad, or a single mum. It enters your mind and destroys peace there. More than that, according to studies, it may transmit to your children and have a negative impact on their lives. So, let’s face fears that single dads often experience to know your enemies.

1. Fear of Living with the Single Dad Label

Our society is full of stereotypes even now, in the 21st century. They are so numerous so that one can pick several to apply to any person, who, for example, prefers not to marry, not to have children at all, who raises offspring alone, or who looks for a soulmate on a military dating site. As for single dads, they definitely hear some unpleasant judgments of cliché that places them in an unfavorable light. Besides, your child may hear them in school and misunderstand them.

2. Fear of Getting in New Relationships

Your child and you are not just two people sharing the same roof. That is your little world with its own rules, precious traditions, special moments you experienced together, and a usual routine. You and your child are a system of relations, emotions and connections you developed and cherished starting from the moment you became a single dad. No wonder you strive to protect this world and your child from changes related to a new person joining your family. There are low chances that your routine and lifestyle will be the same even if a woman integrates masterly into them. It may be uncomfortable for your child who has already experienced the divorce of parents with all the hard consequences like court and guys in uniform. For these reasons, single dads are very careful with letting somebody in.

3. Fear of Being Alone for the Rest of Your Life

This fear flows from the precious one like this. Trying to avoid any changes, single dads do their best to prevent any relationships from gaining the status ‘serious’. On the flip side, they suffer from having no long-term relationships, reliably partnership, and intimacy. They realize that children need a positive female role model, but are still afraid. By keeping on avoiding new relationships, single dads doom themselves to live their life without soulmates and such an important life aspect as love. The prospect of aging alone is far from being cheerful for many people, especially taking into account that children will grow and leave the house eventually. This fear has some positive effect, because it can help you to overcome the fear of new relationships.

If you spotted these fears in yourself, do not hesitate to deal with them since happy parents raise happy children the same as a happy single dad is able to raise a happy child.

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