Spend Father’s Day differently this year

Father's DayOur lives always seem to be so busy, and while sending a card for Father’s Day is a thoughtful thing to do, don’t get me wrong, quality time with dad is a much more valuable currency, especially if you haven’t seen him for a while or you live too far away to pop in for a coffee every week, in my case mine always loves to sit down with me and check some coffee deals online, we are both extreme coffee lovers by heart.

If you feel like you’re giving your father a mediocre present for Father’s Day year after year, try something different: quality time. Here are some ideas to make Father’s Day more special:

Make him dinner/take him out for dinner

Everyone loves eating right? You could get your dad to choose a restaurant so you know he’s pretty much guaranteed to enjoy himself, and you can have a long time to talk. If you can’t decide on somewhere to eat, you could try a new place you’ve both not been to before and it’ll double up as a shared learning experience.

Have a picnic/BBQ

Obviously weather-dependent, but this is something you can personalize and something that works with any budget. Extra points if you make the food yourself, (dad’s favorite cake?), which will also cut down on loads of unnecessary plastic packaging compared to buying from supermarkets.

You could even make the picnic or BBQ a reward for doing a long walk, or incorporate some other activities like playing catch or walking the dog too, so you feel like you’ve earned your lunch.

Golf day/class

Are you both into golf or fancy trying it? Book a joint lesson from a pro so you can learn together and both get going at reducing that handicap. If you don’t have enough money for a private lesson, why not join him with his usual golfing crew and get to know them whilst playing the course.

If he’s already an expert, ask him to give you a lesson. He’ll love being the teacher and you get some quality time with him in the open air.

Head to a local event

See if there are any local festivals or events in your area that weekend. Sometimes we don’t notice what’s right under our noses and miss out on local markets and occasions. You might find a nearby beer festival or a concert. Do some investigating and think about whether your dad would enjoy it.

Just pop round!

Still not sure? Don’t stress about it – your dad will just be happy to see you, whatever you end up doing, whether it’s watching TV or a movie or cooking a feast together, he’ll appreciate it.

About the author: Laura Hall is a London-based writer who works for Shiply. In her spare time she enjoys cooking spicy vegetarian food, running and playing rounders. Image: Rolands Lakis

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