Balancing Business and Parenting: Mix Up Your Typical Holiday Conversations

Just like in parenting, there’s always something going on when you run a business. During the holidays, why not take the opportunity to discuss some of the most pressing business issues? From data privacy to artificial intelligence, there are plenty of topics for everyone to think about. Talk about how companies are addressing these concerns or any other current trends in the industry. You might even learn something new from your holiday companions! Below are some topics to consider talking about to break up the parenting dialogue.

Cryptocurrency Investing

The blockchain is the open-source code that powers Bitcoin, and over 6,000 other cryptocurrencies. If you want a secure and private way to store and transfer value, then cryptocurrency could be the right choice for you. Discuss when it might make sense to invest in a digital currency or what type of currency is best suited for different scenarios.

Data Protection & Privacy

Data protection has become increasingly important with the increasing amount of personal data being collected by companies. Talk about how businesses are addressing data privacy and security issues, or what measures people should take to protect their own information. Just like parenting involves protecting your children, data privacy and security can help protect businesses from malicious attacks.

Artificial Intelligence

AI (artificial intelligence) is rapidly changing the way we work, communicate, and interact with each other. Talk about if AI is a friend or foe for businesses, as well as how it could be used to make decisions faster, more accurately, and cost-effectively. Discuss the potential implications of using AI for business operations, and how it could revolutionize the way we work. For instance, it takes as little as six months to implement a CRM solution that uses AI to generate leads, sales, and customer service.

Cloud Computing

The cloud is changing the way businesses store, share, and process data. Talk about how cloud computing can reduce costs, increase efficiency and create real-time collaboration opportunities with colleagues around the world. Discuss the potential risks of using cloud services such as data breaches or malicious attacks, and how businesses can protect themselves.

For instance, cloud storage solutions can help protect data by encrypting files and using two-factor authentication for better security.

Worker’s Compensation and Other Insurance

About nine out of 10 working people in the nation’s workforce are protected by workers’ compensation insurance. Talk about how businesses can protect themselves and their employees with workers’ compensation insurance, as well as other types of insurance such as general liability or professional liability. Discuss the importance of having coverage against potential risks and the financial security it provides.

For instance, if you run a business that requires employees to use hazardous materials or equipment, you might need specific coverage for any potential injuries.

Up and Coming Industries

Many industries are on the rise, such as renewable energy and blockchain. Talk about these emerging industries and how they could impact businesses in the coming years. Discuss potential opportunities that might arise from investing in companies in these industries, or ways to capitalize on current trends. For instance, investing in green tech companies can help create jobs while also reducing environmental damage.

If you want to balance parenting and investing in new industries, you can always combine the two topics together. Discuss parenting strategies and how they might be applied to business investments, or how parenting methods could be used for parenting in general.

Regardless of what you discuss, talking about these business opinions is a great way to mix up your typical holiday conversations and learn something new!

These are just some of the topics you can discuss over the holidays to mix up your conversations. Get creative and explore other topics related to business operations, startups, and venture capital investments! Talk about what trends you think will shape the future of a business or any other ideas that come to mind.

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