Babies and Time with their Father: Is it a Need or an Option?

Father is considered to be the head of a family and every child looks forward to be like his father some day. Earlier fathers had little interaction with their children, but now this mindset is changing. Now it has been seen that fathers are equally interested in the upbringing and interests of their children. They want to devote equal time to their children’s liking and cherish those moments. It has always been a topic of debate whether babies need for their fathers’ time is an option or a necessity. It cannot be ignored that father plays a vital role in shaping the personality of a child.

Children are our future and the foundation that we lay for them in the beginning stays with them forever. When a baby is born in a family, the parents feel a great sense of responsibility. Babies are quick learners and if their foundation is not proper in the starting years, it becomes tough to change them later. A baby is like a sponge that tries to absorb everything he learns from his surroundings, so it is very important for the parents to lay good examples in front of their child. It is rightly said that the parents are the first teachers of a child. The qualities that a child learns from you in the starting years, whether good or bad, stay with them for life.

According to the traditional method, a father was thought to be involved only in the later years of a child. He was required to take care of the earnings and a mother was responsible for taking care of the health and learning of the child. But now this belief is changing and fathers are more involved in the development of the child. New age fathers want to know everything from changing diapers to bathing of the baby. When parents work together in the development and care of the child, it makes a great impact on the child and makes him a more responsible human being of tomorrow. The environment they get at home directly influence them knowingly or unknowingly. According to various studies it has been seen that the children who have more involved fathers are happier, confident, do well in school, show empathy and pro-social behavior. Father plays a vital role in a child’s life, as he is his hero. A child always want to take those qualities that his father exhibit.

Sometimes parents just stay together for the sake of their child. Daily conflicts between parents affect the child’s psychology quite negatively and are even worse than a divorce. Children are the most affected in such cases. Children from broken marriages have been seen doing poor in school, are less confident, take drugs and are afraid to take responsibilities.

A child shares a special bond with his father. When a child sees his parents working together to take care of him, it does not go unnoticed and he is highly influenced. Love between his parents makes the child believe in relationships, responsibilities and life. The quality time that a child shares with his father always stays in the subconscious mind of the child and when he grows up, he takes control of his life getting influenced from those examples.

When you decide to bring a child into this world, it is your responsibility as well to make him a good human being and give him all the happiness of the world. Children are like clay, they will get molded the way you want them to be.

[About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who is a firm supporter of green living. She is a typical nature lover. She never leaves any stone unturned when it comes to proper green lifestyle. These days she is writing on two different topics: child development and green music.]

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  • lauren

    I read the headline to this article just as my husband came over to pick up our new daughter who was laying next to my legs here on the floor. There wasn’t any reason for picking her up other than he wanted to. And maybe needed to? Men in my experience love their babies just as much as their older kids. 🙂


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