4 Spooky Movies to Watch With Your Kids This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, you’re probably wondering what the best plans to make for the holiday are. These should be plans that don’t upset your parenting schedule too much, but that allow you to bond with your children all the same. One of the best things that you could plan for in this case is to watch a spooky movie to keep the spirit alive, both literally and figuratively! Have a look at four amazing movies you could watch as a family this Halloween and have an amazing time at home.

1. Hocus Pocus

This Disney flick for kids is a Halloween-themed fantasy comedy that’s sure to provide ample entertainment for kids of various ages. Whether you choose the first version from 1993 or the follow-up from 2022, you can be sure that you’ll be adequately entertained, as will your kids. Remember to take proper care of your oral health as a family by brushing your teeth after the festivities and candy from Halloween and every other night. That’s because the only magic that can do away with cavities and oral health issues is that which is wielded by a toothbrush and toothpaste. On this note, remember that plaque is made up of roughly 300 types of bacteria.

2. Don’t Look Under the Bed

Another movie from Disney, this one follows the strange happenings in a town caused by the Boogeyman. A teenager who is seen as the culprit of these occurrences has to work hard to clear her name. She does this with the help of her brother’s imaginary friend. From this plot, it’s clear that your kids will be entertained throughout the adventures.

Remember to secure your home from real-world threats while you settle down to watch a Halloween flick or two by locking the doors and windows when night falls. This is based on the fact that in 2019, there were around 5,520 reported cases of violent crimes. There were also 27,868 incidents of property crime, all in Oakland, California, according to statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program.

3. The Addams Family

This is an old-time favorite for many, going by the dozens of remakes and adaptations over the years. The original was based on a sitcom from the 1960s. Whichever remake or spinoff you choose, you can be sure you’ll be thrilled and tickled in equal parts by the quirky humor, which is obviously better for older kids. While kicking back to enjoy your chosen version of this film, remember to turn off the stove and make sure that there’s no risk of a fire in your home. This is because a whopping 30% of all fires take place in residential buildings. Check your smoke detectors on this note and make sure that they have functional batteries in them.

4. Halloweentown

When four evil forces threaten both the human world and the magical world, it’s up to a family of witches and warlocks to defeat them in this movie. Yet another Disney Channel original movie from 1998, you can choose the first one or any of its three sequels. Whichever one you settle for, it will be an amazing way for you to pass the time alongside your family.

You can choose one or more of these Halloween movies to enjoy the season in a spooky and entertaining way. Remember that you need to make the right choice based on things such as your child’s specific age, as some movies may be too mature and therefore not fun for younger kids. Look for the perfect movie early enough so that, come the night, you’re ready to simply plug and play the movie that you chose, ideally with your family’s input.