4 Renovations Dad Will Love

It’s no secret that dads can be tough to shop for. They always seem to have everything they need, and they’re often reluctant to ask for anything new. But when it comes to renovating the house, there are a few key projects that any dad would love. From updating the garage to adding a home office, these renovations will make dad’s life easier and improve the value of your home. Whether you’re preparing for a big family gathering or simply want to make dad’s day-to-day life more enjoyable, consider tackling one of these renovation projects.

1. Update the Garage

One of the most underutilized spaces in the house is the garage. But with a few simple renovations, it can easily become dad’s favorite spot. Start by decluttering the space and getting rid of any unnecessary items. Then, add some storage solutions to help keep things organized. For this, consider investing in some heavy-duty shelves or cabinets. You might also want to add a workbench or install some pegboard to hang tools.

Do not forget the floor as well. Most garages have concrete floors, which can crack and stain over time. Give it a fresh coat of epoxy paint to make it look new again. Not only will this improve the appearance of the space, but it will also make it easier to clean. Updating the garage is a great way to give dad a little extra space to work on his hobbies. And it’s a project that can be done relatively cheaply and easily.

2. Repair and/or Upgrade the Plumbing

If your home is older, there’s a good chance that the plumbing isn’t as up-to-date as it could be. This can lead to many problems, from leaks to clogged drains. So if you’re looking for a renovation project that dad will appreciate, consider repairing or upgrading the plumbing. This might involve replacing old pipes, fixing leaks, or unclogging drains. It’s also a good idea to install some new fixtures, such as low-flow toilets and showerheads. These will help save water and lower your utility bills. Not to mention, they’ll make dad’s life a lot easier.

However, this is not a project to be taken lightly. Unless you’re an experienced plumber, it’s best to leave this one to the professionals. Luckily, according to IBIS World, the US Plumbing sector’s market size has grown by 2.9% since 2017. This means that there are plenty of qualified plumbers to choose from. So be sure to do your research and find a reputable contractor before getting started on this project.

3. Have Your Septic Tank Cleaned

According to the EPA, approximately 60 million Americans rely on septic tanks. And if you’re one of them, then you know how important it is to keep the tank clean. Otherwise, you could end up with a huge mess on your hands. So if it’s been a while since your last cleaning, now might be the time to schedule another one. Remember to also have your septic tank inspected once every three years. This will help ensure it’s in good working condition and catch any problems before they become too big to handle.

4. Upgrade the Insulation

Another great way to improve the comfort of your home is to upgrade the insulation. This is especially important if you live in an area with extreme temperatures. By upgrading the insulation, you can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Not to mention, it will also make it more energy-efficient, which will save you money on your utility bills.

While at it, remember to seal any cracks or gaps around the house. This will not only prevent air from leaking in or out, but it can also help with pest control. Remember, according to Mantis Pest Solutions, 50% of all property owners experience an ant problem at least once every year. So, by sealing up any openings, you can help keep these pesky critters out of your home.

Parenting is not an easy job. It is, therefore, important to give dads some break by taking on some of their responsibilities, such as home renovations. This will go a long way in showing how much you appreciate all they do for the family. The above are just some of the home renovation projects that dads will love.

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