4 Great Father-Son Traditions to Start This Year

For many of us, we have fond memories of times spent with our fathers. The sentence always starts off the same, “I remember when I was young, my father and I used to…”

Quality time is important, and if you’re following the trend, you’re probably spending more time with your children than your parents did with you.

The cliche but true phrase “memories last a lifetime” is especially true when thinking about those fun traditions to start. Not only are they fun for the sake of doing them, but they offer both you and your son(s) a time to bond, learn something new and enjoy each other’s company. You’re already doing the best you can do to be a parent making sure they don’t end up on the streets and have the qualities to be a good human being. So now it’s time to turn to your fun side and show your kids how cool you used to be (and still are).

Below are some ideas of what you could start doing today!

A Classic Movie Weekend

While the Star Wars movies are in the midst of their final trilogy, kids these days may not be able to appreciate the classic ones that came out 40 years ago. Why not take the time to show him those classic films?

Try and pick a series of movies that you could watch together over the course of a weekend or a day. You can make an awesome couch fort for your perfect in-home cinema, filled with soda, popcorn, and some pizza. Let them stay up a little past their bedtime so it’s like they’re catching the midnight premiere of the movie.

There are tons of classic movies to choose from, but here’s a list to get you started:


  • Indiana Jones
  • Star Wars
  • Lord of the Rings
  • James Bond
  • Rocky
  • Mission Impossible


Obviously, use your discretion as to which movies may be appropriate for your children. As they get older, you can also turn to Die Hard, John Wick, Mad Max and others.

Sports Getaway

A wise man once said, “Sports exist, because what else are you going to talk to your dad about for hours?”

While the quote is a bit cynical, many father-son relationships have a sports theme to them. Whether it’s complaining about how the local team traded away their star running back or the latest results from the World Series, sports seems to be a common topic in any male household.

One fun tradition to start is to plan a sports getaway. If your son’s favorite sport is baseball, travel down to the stadium to catch a game or two. If you can, stay a night in the city to explore and be a part of the fun pre-game and post-game activities.

You can always go to a restaurant before the game and show them the wondrous place that is a sports bar/restaurant. A place from heaven filled with fantastic food and sports everywhere the eye can see.

Build Something Together

While you may not be the handiest person, another activity to do with your children is to build something together.

It doesn’t have to be the best treehouse on the block, filled with multiple levels, trap doors and a 100-foot zipline. It can be something simple, like a model car or plane. Every year you can add something to the collection and remember the fun, or difficult, times you had trying to glue that tiny piece onto the car.

If you’re more on the tech side, you could always build a PC together. You can work with your child and teach them about how computers function. It could also be a great time to teach your child about internet safety.

Hit the Fishing Hole

Are you ready to get your angler on? Then it may be time for a fishing trip. A perfect time to explore nature and teach your child (and refresh yourself) about the importance of patience.

Even if it’s been awhile since you’ve gone fishing, head down to your local sports store and ask for a bit of help. Or better yet, maybe call your own father and see if he has any ideas.

Not only will you two get plenty of quality chances to talk, but it’ll be nice to be away from distractions and technology. You can also explore nature and try your hand at your inner Boy Scout to cook something over the fire. Either way, you’re sure to have a great time and create some lasting memories.

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