3 Tips For First Time Dads

Becoming a dad is like nothing you’ve ever imagined until you finally experience it for yourself. You should be beaming with pride at your new daddy-to-be status. You’re in for the experience of a lifetime!

If you’re a modern couple, chances are that you’re both going to be putting in baby duties. If you’ve never had a baby before, then it’s natural to feel a little apprehensive about how you’ll do. In some extreme cases, new dads may be losing their hair over the stress of it all!

Fear not, however. The most important thing is your willingness to learn. The rest will come on its own day by day. You don’t have to stress or worry that you’ll do things perfectly. Follow these tips, and you’ll master fatherhood in no time.

Help Wherever You Can 

One of the biggest misconceptions about parenthood is that the mom is the only one that baby needs initially. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Dads are just important. Even if you may not do the birthing or breastfeeding, you can still help enormously by offering your services whenever possible.

You can help in all sorts of ways from offering to bring your partner food or water while she’s confined to the couch nursing. You can offer to give the baby a bath while mom takes a break. You can even take over nighttime bottle feedings and let your partner sleep. Chipping in, however, you can won’t just strengthen your bond with your partner but also with your baby.

Be Patient

It’s not rare for first-time parents to feel a little disappointed when they expect a gurgling bright-eyed, smiling baby to come out only to find that it’s more of a screaming squishy thing for the moment.

Give your baby time to adjust to the new world around them. Some experts believe that the first three months of a baby’s life are referred to as the fourth trimester. Theories suggest that humans may have once had pregnancies lasting 12 months when the baby was fully formed, but with evolution, 12 months reduced to 9 months. Therefore, even though you may not be getting much interaction out of your baby at first, remember, it will come! The first few months may seem like they’re taking forever; however, the truth is that they go by quicker than you think.

Sleep When Baby Sleeps

Even though it’s tough to fight the temptation to get housework or other to-do’s done while your baby sleeps, it’s better to sleep too. Exhausting yourself to the point of extreme fatigue will only lead to less productivity. The laundry pile can wait for now! Give yourself the self-care that you require!

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