3 Most Common Fears That New Fathers Have

It’s perfectly normal for new dads to feel nervous about their new role. If you’ve never been around that many babies before, or never imagined being a father until now, it can be a daunting experience.

The good news is that no father is perfect. You will make mistakes along the way, regardless of how prepared you are. The trick is trying to be the best you can be and providing all the love possible.

Rather than allowing yourself to fixate on all of the fears you have, try to let them go and focus on the joys of fatherhood. Here are a few of the biggest new father fears that you may feel lurking.

Relationship Will Be Negatively Affected 

You may have heard horror stories that relationships are spoiled once a baby comes into the picture. One minute you’re happy together, and the next minute you’re getting divorced because you can’t handle the stress of a new child.

Although having a baby puts an enormous amount of responsibility and often stress on a couple, it doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome the challenges. Your relationship can thrive regardless of the sleepless nights and poopy diapers. You may even become closer as a result.

No More Social Life

When you have a baby, your schedule starts to become more centered around when the baby naps and eats rather than when the next happy hour is. You may not be able to attend as many events as you once did as a result.

However, you can still enjoy your friends regardless of whether it’s at happy hour or on your couch while you feed your new baby. Your real friends reveal themselves when you have children. The people who care the most about you won’t have a problem stopping by to hang out on your couch.

Lack Of Sleep

Most parents talk about how exhausting the first few months of a baby’s life is. They’re up at all hours of the night and sleep in the middle of the day in increments. Since adults are used to sleeping in long stretches, it can be like torture keeping up with the baby’s sleeping patterns.

Although it’s true that you will be tired, it won’t last forever. You will not die of sleep deprivation, and you will look back on those first few months as merely a short part of the process of fatherhood.

The most important thing that you can do for your baby is trying your best. Bond with your baby and be an active part of their lives. Thinking that raising the baby for the first year is a “mother’s job” is a myth. Babies need their father’s love just as much as their mother’s. Don’t ever doubt that your love and affection isn’t needed!

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