10 Great Small Gifts to Give Your Father on Father’s Day Within a Budget

Father’s Day is the day we show appreciation to our dads and husbands. Many people believe that they are responsible for giving their fathers great expensive gifts. Most of the time the thought is what counts, and many dads appreciate any kind of gifts. If you’re on a budget or not, there are things you can give to your parent or partner that will show you care and appreciate them. Many things dads receive are things they need or want. Here is a list of some items you can get your father for Father’s Day that are small and simple show your love. If none of the following tickle your fancy, then maybe Hampers Across Melbourne can help.

1. Socks

Whether they are plain or themed, socks are a great gift to any male present in your life. There are many different styles of socks, so think about what your dad enjoys. His personality will help you decide on the right fitting socks for his taste. Dress socks are a great addition to those who are business affiliated, or character socks for cartoon geeks. This gift is also one of the most cost-effective gifts you can give.

2. Wallet

Wallets are great for any time of year and most of the time your father is in need of a new one. These small things usually go without notice and if you think about it, we all want a new place to put our belongings. From basic to name brand, this option can be something that lasts for years. Depending on the type, you may spend a little more than you expect. Make a stop at a discount store to catch a sale on quality name brand wallets.

If your father is a more simple man, opt for a cash clip instead. Try to find a unique one to make it stand out or keep it modest with a basic metal or leather clip.

3. Keychain

Keychains are great for gifts and stand out as a cheaper option for a present. You can personalize it to make him remember you or grab a unique one from a local shop or online. Many stores online will allow you to customize a keychain with names or pictures and there are many types out there, from knit ones to plastic.

4. Shaving Kit

Shaving kits are always a go-to for those who want to give their dads or men in their lives something useful. There are many brands out there so if you want to remain on a budget try to find one that is reasonably priced. Not only will this gift be appreciated but it will be something that will be used often.

There are many websites that offer quality shaving kits with great prices. Do some research and find one that fits your budget.

5. Slippers

A simple gift that goes a long way is a pair of nice slippers. Your father will be thankful for something he can slip on to go to the mailbox or walk around the house. Even if he already has some, having a variety to choose from is good. Deciding what kind of slippers is easy. Most of them are simple and monocolored, but if you want to give something that stands out, try to find a pair with a cool pattern or interesting shape.

6. Cookbook

For the fathers that enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen, gifting a cool cookbook can be a good choice. Books, in general, are great gifts but to tailor it to something they enjoy is beneficial for a good outcome. From burger guides to whiskey-themed books, cookbooks tailored to men is a budget-friendly Father’s Day gift.

7. Cologne

Everyone wants to smell good, especially men. Finding a good cologne brand to gift your father on his appreciation day will be a great option. To stay within budget try to focus on less high-end name brand perfumes. There are popular brands that offer great smelling colognes within reasonable prices. You can even take a trip to a discount store and find some name brand smell goods at marked down prices.

Know what will smell good on your dad is important in choosing the right cologne. Think about what he likes and his personality. If he’s rougher around the edges guy, try a more rustic scent or a crisp cool scent for a more professional personality.

8. Baseball hat

Hats are good gifts for men, especially older ones. Hats not only finish a nice outfit but are almost used daily. If he has a favorite sports team, shoot for a cap supporting that team. Even hats that aren’t sport affiliated can be great gifts. Dry fit caps are great for athletics and regular use. If your father doesn’t particularly wear baseball caps, there are so many different types of hats that would work for his taste.

  • Fedora
  • Cowboy hat
  • Beanie
  • Trilby
  • Ascot cap (Kangol)
  • Boonie hat

9. Camera lens

Some fathers enjoy capturing memories, and if your dad is one of them, gifting a nice camera lens is a great choice. The most affordable type is one that connects to his smartphone. This is a great gift for tech dads that enjoy new gadgets. A lens addition is good for travel and daily use. It will allow them to take quality photos that will be stored on their cell phone.

This can upgrade your dad’s photography skills and also contribute to finding a new hobby. A new camera lens is a unique gift and will be appreciated by artists or photographers. I wouldn’t choose this to give to an old school father, though.  This gift can be reasonable for your budget if you find one that isn’t too high tech.

10. Small plant

Giving your dad something he can take care of that will remind him of your appreciation is a smart choice. Though it may get neglected some days, he will be thankful for such a green gift as a small plant. Try a simple plant that doesn’t require much work to make sure it lasts, like a cactus or aloe vera plant.


11. Gift Baskets

You can never go wrong giving your dad a gift basket that best matches his personality. Choose from the great variety of gift baskets available based on your father’s interest, hobbies, and likes and indulge him with one towering gift basket full of relevant goodies.

From chocolate to beer and wine gift baskets, from baskets full of candies or coffee or meat snacks or gourmet goodies to those filled with nuts or cheese or cookies and biscuits, surely you should find one gift basket your dad will be drooling for. You may also opt for gift baskets specially curated with spa essentials or fishing basics or home care packages or football fan necessities that will suit your big man’s liking! And knowing your daddy’s favorites, there’s no doubt finding the perfect gift basket for him this Father’s Day will be quite an enjoyable experience both for the receiver and the recipient.

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