General Tips For Using Mixbook

Do you wish to document a wedding, travel, family, or everyday adventure memories? Do not hesitate to try exceptional, customized photo books from

In this social media era, photo albums have been made by smartphones and published as slideshows on Facebook and Instagram. However, these online pictures cannot beat the experience that one gains by holding a physical photo book, customized for you. There has never been a better way to document your memories than by creating customized photo books. They allow you to create intimate documentaries and personalized gifts that can be a keepsake.

Time Saving Tips

Before you get into the website to create a photo book, you should select the photos you want and have an idea of the sizes of the photo books you may want. This prior planning helps save time as you will only be worried about design while in Mixbook photo app.

Why Use a Reputable Customized Photo Books App or Website

Mixbook is a comprehensive photo book creator, having unlimited customization features—you will never run out of incredible options. Below are reasons why you should use Mixbook to customize your photos:

Very Easy to Use: Mixbook has the friendliest photo app interface, you do not need any technical skills to interact with it and can produce an award-winning customized photo book. Adding photos and customizing layouts is a straightforward process.

Easy to Customize: You have the option to include texts and flourishes to your design. You are free to do simple and complex designs without straining.

Editing Features in the Photo App: Mixbook allows you to tweak your photos inside the photo application. However, you are free to use a third-party photo editing app.

Upload Source Formats: Apart from using your hard drive as the primary source of your photos, this website allows you to add pictures from social media sites and online storage facilities.

It also accepts uploads from SmugMug, Flickr, Google Photos, and PhotoBucket.

Nevertheless, Mixbook will always warn you when you upload compressed Instagram and Facebook pictures. These images may not be suitable for print due to low resolution.

Affordable Cost: Mixbook offers very competitive prices for unparalleled quality.

Numerous Options: Mixbook offers super-customized photo albums with tweakable layouts, thousand of stickers, text boxes, and backgrounds that make your results exceptional. The site has more than 400 designer themes in various categories, including wedding, romance, seasonal, and kids. Additionally, most themes have preset quotes, which you may find cheesy or inspirational. Nonetheless, if you do not want them, you can always delete them.

Packaging: You can cover your customized photo books in hardback, softback, or leather-bound album covers, depending on your preference and budget. You also have the option of choosing either lie-flat pages or eco-friendly satin finish as well as choosing your album shape and orientation— square, rectangle, portrait, or landscape.

The Verdict

With just a few clicks, Mixbook helps you design unique, customized photo books and allows you to add texts and themes to improve your design. The website is straightforward to use. In fact, you do not need to come from an artistic or technical background to create spectacular photo books. Moreover, the company has exceptional customer service. The team at is always ready to assist you as customer satisfaction is their priority.

Photo by Markus Spiske

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