5 Ways You Can Cultivate a Nurturing Environment For Your Children

Parenting is so hard because you never know what will ultimately influence your children in the long run. The truth is the mistakes you make along the way will likely not matter in the end as long as you and your significant other create a loving environment. Taking good care of each other through good times and bad times is what it means to be in a family. With that said, here are some ways you can craft stability at home and make the most of your time together.

  1. A Beautiful Backyard
    While it’s true that landscaping improves ROI by 15% in some cases, a beautiful backyard has value beyond that. It doesn’t need to be anything spectacular, just something well kept and colorful. Even if you aren’t in a very rural area, a simple patch of grass and some flowers can serve as your child’s happy spot for years to come.
  2. A Place to Stay
    The average American will move 12 times in their life. If you are planning on raising a family, it might be a good idea to slow down and find somewhere to stay for a while. A study on children who moved frequesntly was published in the Journal of Social and Personality Psychology, and it documents the broadly negative effects of sporadic moving patterns on social development. The caveat is that the circumstances of the move placed a lot of stress on the parents and subsequently the children in this study.
  3. Cozy Furniture
    On a lighter note, a survey by Furniture Today found that 57% of respondants preferred vintage furniture in their home. Perhaps it adds to the coziness of a room?

    Ever since new tech started appearing in chairs in the 20th century, living rooms have been pointed at TVs. There’s nothing wrong with some entertainment, but perhaps you can sit together in a room with no screens from time to time.
  4. Books
    Reading is and will always be a great way to spend time with your kids. Even though people are worried about modern literature and the death of the book, no one has been right yet. Reading is not going anywhere; it is just changing. Some things don’t change though, like these timeless children’s books.
  5. Responsibilities
    Doing chores at a young age is predictive of later career success. Give your kids responsibility with love. They won’t appreciate it now, but they certainly will when they’re older.

Parenting is not all sunshine and happy home vibes, of course, but cultivating a positive environment in which your child can grow is absolutely essential to their later success. If you can manage to do just a couple of these ideas, you will be a fantastic parent.

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