5 Signs It’s Time to Protect Your Family by Replacing Your Roof

A huge part of parenting is ensuring that your family is always safe inside the home. Knowing when to replace your roof should be part of general safety insurance methods. The following are a few signs it might be time to invest in having someone install a new roof.

1. Leaks or Ceiling Stains

Noticeable leaks and ceiling stains indicate that you need to install a new roof. Such evidence means rainwater penetrates your roof, and something is amiss. Since problems like that don’t fix themselves, you’ll need to get a contractor to your house pronto. Delaying such repairs can cause a wealth of problems, including water damage and mold and mildew formation inside your home.

2. The Literal Crack of Dawn

Intact roofing materials are designed to block the sun. In other words, you shouldn’t be able to watch the sunrise by looking up at your ceiling. If you notice small beams of light coming through your ceiling, you likely have a hole in your roof. That’s something you need to discuss with a roofing professional immediately. Roofing Insights reported that 90% of roofing market proceeds come from replacements. So, the probability of you needing a new roof is normal.

3. Curly Shingles

It might be time to replace your roof if you notice that most of your shingles are cracked, damaged, or curled. They are supposed to provide a barrier between the water and your home, but they can only be effective if they’re in good condition. Some situations only require a few shingle replacements here and there, while others need a whole roof replacement. Your roofing specialist can recommend what they think is your best option.

It would be wise to schedule regular roof inspections so that you can fix small problems before they get out of hand. More than 23% of homeowners never inspect their roofs. Unfortunately, those homeowners are the ones who have the highest repair bills.

4. Gutter Grit

Gutter grit indicates that your shingles are reaching the end of their lives. If you notice this situation, you should have an expert look at it immediately. There might be an inexpensive remedy, but it will not stay that way for long. Learn to look for solutions immediately instead of waiting for a situation to worsen. You will save your family more money in the end by being proactive.

5. It’s Just Plain Old

Finally, you might need a new roof if your current one is old. Most roofs are built to last between 20 and 25 years. However, certain materials have a much shorter lifespan. So your roof could be well past its prime if it’s constructed of one of the weaker materials.

Your roof has most likely passed the ‘safe roof’ threshold if your home is ancient. Thus, consider replacing your dated covering, even if you don’t see a lot of signs of wear. It could look good to the naked eye but still be weak. One bad storm and the entire thing can succumb to the wind, water, or hail.

You won’t experience a huge loss if you replace your roof now because you can benefit from it greatly. An attractive new roof can improve the aesthetics of your home and give you a new sense of confidence. You can choose from several visually appealing and unique designs for your project.

A brand-new roof can also decrease energy bills if crafted with the right materials. Research and find the most effective materials for homes in your current climate. Furthermore, a new roof can put money back into your pocket when it’s time to sell it. Home365 reported that homeowners can get 85% of their roof investment back once they sell their homes. Add that to all the eager prospective buyers you’ll have, and it’s easy to see how you can end up with profits.

It will be easy to tell if you need to invest in putting a new roof on your home. Look at the indicators above for clues. If you need one, you can contact a contractor and ask for a roof inspection, so you’ll know.