5 Fun Ways to Spend More Quality Time with Your Kids

Between work and the other responsibilities we all have, days can pass by very quickly, leaving us with too little time to spend with our kids. Many parents worry about this with some of them feeling guilty about not spending enough time with their kids. Fortunately, there are a few fun activities you can incorporate into your lives so you can spend more time with them.

1) Have Special Meal Nights

Having dinner as a family is quite special, but things can get even better if you have special meal nights. These can be taco, pizza, Chinese, or pancake nights. When your kids know they are having a special meal at night, they will get excited at the prospect and be much more open to spending some quality time with you.

The special meal night also opens up opportunities to let the kids help in the kitchen. Once they get into a routine and know what special meals you make together on what days, things will go a lot smoother as the days go by. Do not forget to remind them about a special meal night as they leave for school so they can look forward to the evening throughout the day.

2) Play Fun, Easy-To-Understand Games

Sometimes, spending time with your kids means switching the electronics off and playing physical games. A good example of an inexpensive game is Pokémon. You can collect and trade cards all while trying to outdo each other. There are Pokémon alternatives that follow the same premise. For example, Fire Emblem TCG is one Pokémon alternative. Fire Emblem TCG is a trading card game where players try to use the cards they hold to destroy their opponents’ source of like known as orbs. It is a fun game, especially the card collecting and trading aspect, as you and your kids try to end up with the best card collection possible.

3) Fix Things Together

Changing a tire, replacing an air filter, repairing a leaky faucet, or painting the fence with your kids not only teaches them valuable life skills but it also helps you spend some quality time with them. There are a lot of areas the kids can explore and where they can learn new things in the home. Just remember to show them things that are appropriate for their age. You do not want them picking up a hammer and messing up their thumb.

Also, encourage them to take part in fixing things as they get older. This way, they will become more adept at doing the repairs and master the skills required.

4) Take Pictures Together

Sometimes, the simplest things bring out the biggest laughs. Many parents do not remember the last time they took silly pictures and selfies with their kids. Taking photos with them will not only help you get some pictures for the family album but it is also a good way of having some fun and having some laughs even if it is just for a few afternoons every month.

Alternatively, you can take videos with them. Ensure you keep everything fun and light-hearted so you shoot videos everyone will be happy to watch back.

5) Have a Movie Night

If there is a new movie your kids want to watch, why not do it together? It would be great fun for the family to come together in the living room to watch the latest flicks. It is also an opportunity to help your kids help in the kitchen by preparing the popcorn. Just ensure the movie is not too long so the kids can get to bed on time, and you do not do this in the middle of the week.


Finding time to spend with your kids is almost always as simple as moving a few things around and having a schedule. Just ensure you keep things fun and light-hearted so everyone can have fun without things getting awkward.

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