Your Family’s Contributions Matter: How to Improve the Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Energy efficiency is important for the environment and the world we live in, and it also impacts humans and our health. If you are interested in making your home more energy-efficient, here are a few ideas you can apply to your own home that will positively impact both the environment and your family’s health. Your family’s contributions matter. Many of these bigger projects will likely have to be handled by professionals, but your family can take part in making your home more energy-efficient through performing a variety of daily tasks as well.

Install Solar Panels

Did you know that, in 30 years, the average rooftop solar panel system can reduce pollution by 100 tons of carbon dioxide? These eco-friendly and eco-conscious panels are installed on roofs. They convert light from the sun into energy that produces electricity for your home. While they are a financial investment, solar panels are useful because they lower electricity bills and are helpful to the environment. While you can install solar panels yourselves, it is worth considering hiring an installation company, as they offer great bundles on installation, maintenance, repair, and insurance costs.

Solar energy can have hefty upfront costs, making it difficult for low-income families to have solar panels installed on their homes. In Washington, D.C., a program called Solar for All and two nonprofits called New Partners Community Solar and Groundswell have begun initiatives to tackle solar energy projects for low-income households. These efforts demonstrate how solar energy has become an important aspect of protecting our environment. Consider installing solar panels on your house’s roof. It will make a positive impact on your future as well as your children’s.

Make Your Roof Energy-Efficient

There are several ways to make your roof more energy-efficient. First, consider the material of your roof. Simply choosing the right roofing material could result in as much as a 30% decrease in your home’s energy needs. Clay tiles and sheet metal reflect light, as do lighter roof colors and cool roof coatings. These materials prove to be more energy-efficient, and they lower heat bills.

The insulation and ventilation of your roof also impact its energy efficiency. Installing insulation in your attic and a quality ventilation system in your home will both help maintain a proper temperature inside your house because heat will not seep in.

Ventilate Your Home With Energy Efficiency In Mind

Ventilation inside of your home is another aspect to consider when increasing energy efficiency in your home. Proper ventilation will help control moisture, reduce air leakage, and maintain sufficient air quality inside the home. These aspects are important for maintaining the health of your family.

Ventilation includes the fan systems in your home. Think about the fan systems in your bathrooms. Are they big enough to maintain proper air quality circulation? Without special electrical considerations, the 500 CFM fan system can run on a normal household current. It can also be easily cleaned so you’re sure your family is breathing in quality air. There are also whole-house ventilation systems that specifically consider energy efficiency. They are designed to heat and cool a home at maximum energy efficiency while also keeping costs low.

Conserve Energy With Daily Tasks

These bigger projects will likely require professionals to handle proper installation, repair, and maintenance. However, there are tasks your entire family can perform on a daily basis that will help conserve energy. These tasks may seem insignificant now, but on a larger scale, they will help the environment and improve the health of your family and the human population altogether.

On a daily basis, you and your family members can conserve energy by simply unplugging appliances that aren’t being used, turning down the thermostat, minimizing time spent charging and using electronic devices, walking or biking short distances instead of driving a car, running errands all at once rather than staggering them to cut down on car usage, and air drying clothing rather than utilizing a dryer while doing laundry. These are a few ideas your family can surely perform if you keep each other accountable. If you have young children, cutting down on time spent using electronics may already be something you’d like to do. Explain to your kids that doing other activities that don’t require technology, such as doing a puzzle, reading a book, riding a bike, and coloring, are not only beneficial to their own bodies and minds, but it is also benefitting the environment and their own futures.

Improving energy efficiency in and around your home and in your daily lives can definitely be a family effort. Think about your future and your children’s. Isn’t it worth trying to make improvements in your own lives and in your own home? It all starts with us — and your family’s contributions are important. Get started on improving the energy efficiency in your home today.

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