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How Many Wind Farms Are Needed To Power The World’s Major Cities?

We are more environmentally-conscious than ever before. Different types of power are being tried out, including wind power.

According to a new infographic, researchers estimate that wind farms have the potential to produce up to 40 times the electricity the world consumes. However, they provide just 4% of the world’s electricity at this point in time. Needless to say, the untapped potential this kind of power has could drastically change the way we run our homes and businesses, especially since the cost of running a wind farm has decreased dramatically in recent times, thus lowering prices for consumers too.

The infographic shows how many offshore wind turbines are needed to power the world’s major cities, as well as information about how much space each wind farm would take up, and how big this would be compared to the city’s size. For example, the wind farm in Seoul, South Korea, would be 620% of the city’s area, while Rome’s would only be 40%.

Explore more about this fascinating subject by exploring the infographic below.

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