Paperless Billing Is One of the Biggest Environmental Changes Businesses Can Make

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to reduce your environmental footprint? Switching to paperless billing is one of the most simple — and high impact — ways to promote sustainability in the workplace. However, paperless billing isn’t just good for the environment.

In America, if 20% of households switched to electronic billing over paper billing, the annual savings in paper would be 151 million pounds.

Paper billing is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and for one company in particular, 80% of its users have already adapted to digital bills.

Globe Telecom recently made the switch from paper bills to electronic billing in order to help the environment and to improve their customer satisfaction. They found that many customers who were using the paper billing option complained of delayed bills due to weather, courier service issues, or change of address. Since the implementation of paperless billing, the number of customer complaints has significantly reduced.

Yoly Crisanto, Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications, spoke with Inquirer.net.

“Understanding that we are now in the digital age, most of our customers prefer to do their regular transactions online. We are encouraged that majority of our customers have decided to choose e-billing,” Crisanto said.

Globe Telecom is trying their best to encourage their customers to use the paperless billing alternative. One way they are doing so is by making their customers who still use paper billing pay a fee for the printing and carrier costs. Since a typical American business will increase its paper output by 25% each year, customers who opt for the traditional route may incur additional costs. The charge is included in the monthly billing statement the customer receives. However, this does only apply to customers who joined in October 2015 and on, which is good for customers who may be a little older and have been with the company for some time.

Crisanto says that paperless billing is safe and secure, so for anyone worrying about having their information stolen, worry no more. Customers who subscribe to paperless billing can even receive text updates alerting them when their bill is due, when it will be taken out, and how much they owe.

“E-billing offers a clutter-free way to keep a record of our customers’ transactions while being environment-friendly. Through this initiative, we want to enhance customer awareness that they too can support conservation initiatives through sustainable and responsible consumption and lifestyle,” Crisanto said.

E-billing follows the rules of the National Telecommunications Commission as the guidelines do not say how a bill has to be delivered, just that it has to be.

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