This Paint Can Turn Solar Rays Into Air Conditioning

In the effort to make sustainable construction a reality, we will require more innovative techniques than ever before. While commercial solar installations have increased by 487% in the past five years, some companies are thinking even more outside the box to change how we provide energy in our homes.

An Israeli company has shown their commitment to a sustainable future by creating a paint that absorbs the sun’s heat. According to The Tower, this technology, called SolCold allows homeowners to cool their homes without an air conditioning unit.

The United States has made some strides toward a more sustainable commercial and residential HVAC norm. The U.S. Department of Energy found that over 50% of compressed air systems at small to medium-sized industrial facilities have low-cost energy conservation opportunities. But imagine cooling your whole business with paint alone. This is what SolCold has acieved.

According to The Tower, the paint has a double-layered coating that absorbs the sun’s rays and converts the energy into cold. The hotter the external climate, the colder the internal one. SolCold plans to start trials within 18 months and is currently fundraising. The product originally reached the public eye when the company participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in California. And according to SolCold cofounder Gadi Grottas, the technology is particularly complex.

“We are not afraid someone will copy us, because the technology is very complicated and not familiar to too many people,” he said in a statement to The Tower. “We gathered a unique combination of knowledge in the worlds of thermodynamics, nanotechnology and quantum physics and have been working on it for the past four years. We have also registered a PCT patent, which is pending before being published.”

And once they secure the patent, Grottas said that the technology could decrease electricity consumption by 60%. According to ISRAEL21c, SolCold has received interest for distribution rights for warm-climate countries including those in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, Central America, and elsewhere.

As SolCold continues developing their product, the world may be closer to diminishing carbon emissions once and for all.

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