How Is The Mining Industry Reducing Its Environmental Impact?

The mining industry and its impact on the environment have been highly talked about over the years, but as innovation continues to be made in the industry, its environmental impact is continuing to shrink. In this article, we will be looking into what the mining industry is adopting to help reduce their impact as well as what else can be done to help keep the environmental impact to a minimum in the near future.

The Use Of Hydraulics 

When looking into how the mining industry is reducing its environmental impact, it is important to look into the machinery that is being used. With equipment such as a reliable rock hammer and drills all running of hydraulics, they are able to increase the productivity of the operation without using as much energy. This is crucial to reducing the carbon footprint of the mining industry as it will require less energy to mine the raw material from a number of sites simultaneously.

Dust Suppression Techniques

In addition to the use of hydraulics, there are other techniques such as dust suppression that are put in place to reduce the environmental impact of raw material and dust becoming airborne as this can cause respiratory problems. There are a number of ways that this can be prevented, one of which is hosing down the ground before mining begins as this helps to dramatically reduce the amount of dust that is produced. This is crucial to reducing the environmental impact as this can then contaminate not only the quality of the air but local water sources which can cause damage to wildlife in the local area as well as those living there.

Replenish The Environment 

When a mining site has been abandoned, it is important to consider how it can still be affecting the environment due to the release of harmful gases. One of the ways that they are combating this issue is to create a wildlife sanctuary such as a lake or a forest as this helps to replenish the environment and create a home for the local wildlife as well as generate jobs for the local area helping to reverse some of the damage that may have been caused when extracting the raw material.

Waste Disposal 

The final way the mining industry has begun to improve its environmental impact is through the proper disposal of waste. With a number of monitoring processes in place, water sludge, flying debris and mine water amongst other mining waste are monitored closely to prevent contamination of the surrounding area. This is out in place to not only protect the residence but also the wildlife, as well as natural water sources as this, can lead to the contamination of miles and miles of water. Therefore, harsher restrictions on this within a business can help to further this positive change and reduce the carbon footprint of the industry.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that the mining industry has begun to reduce its environmental impact whilst boosting their overall productivity.

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