6 Alternative Ways to Help the Environment

Today’s political environment could have a serious and detrimental impact on the health of the planet. Watching all of the policy being made and feeling powerless to stop some of these decisions can be frustrating, but there are still plenty of things one individual can do to help. While most people know the importance of recycling and reducing waste, there are other less common methods of supporting environmentally-friendly policies. Here are six unique actions you can take today to help the Earth be greener and healthier tomorrow.

1. Donate

The first easy step that any concerned citizen can take to help the environment is to donate. While financial donations are always welcome at organized environmental groups, those who don’t have extra income to contribute can still take action in other ways. The act of donating is helpful to the environment because it helps reduce waste. Instead of throwing away your old clothes or baby toys, donate them to someone who needs them. Rather than leave your food items in the pantry and never use them, donate unused nonperishables to your local food kitchen.

2. Learn

Being well informed is another strong political action environmentalists can take right now. Research the issues so you can feel confident expressing your opinion when it counts. Get even more informed by enrolling in an advanced degree program in public administration or policy. Having these credentials could help you become an influencer in environmental policy decision. Learn more about how to get started at a school like USC by checking out some of their online programs.

3. Advocate

The people of this nation can also make a difference in the planet’s health by advocating for what they believe in. Did you know that the water crisis in Flint, Michigan has been going on for nearly three years? This IG Link goes into detail about the timeline and the challenges that the people of Flint have faced with their contaminated water. Students in the MPH program at USC and others know that to make things happen, it’s vital to contact lawmakers and express outrage at situations like this.

4. Buy

Your wallet can also help make a difference in environmental issues. Choosing to patronize companies that practice environmentally-friendly policies is a great way to influence the private industry. Companies that make recycling and waste reduction a priority should be on your shopping list.

5. Grow

Growing your own food can also help make a small impact on the planet’s health. It’s best to choose seasonally available produce that is grown locally if you can’t cultivate your own garden. This way, your eating habits won’t create more greenhouse gasses because of the fuel necessary to transport fruits and vegetables that are not in season. During the spring and summer, you can experience fresh produce, and by winter or fall, you can try your hand at canning or preserving ingredients.

6. Move

Finally, the last unique and simple action you can take as an individual to help the environment is to keep moving. Instead of opting for a car ride down to your local shops, choose to walk instead and save on gas. Go for a walk when the weather is nice outside rather than taking the bus or the subway if you live in a city. If each person does a little bit to help reduce the number of car and bus rides, the impact and benefit on the planet would be incredible.

In today’s society, it’s vital to keep doing whatever you can to help the planet stay healthy and vibrant. Small actions like the ones discussed can truly make a difference by influencing others, spreading the word, and helping reduce the amount of harmful gasses into the air.

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