5 Ways You Can Save Big While Being Energy Efficient At Home

Becoming more energy efficient does not need to cost a lot of money. In fact, you can often save a lot of money with a few energy-efficient changes to your home. Some of these might require an upfront cost but will come with savings over the years. So, whether you’re parenting or you live alone, here are five ways to save big while being energy efficient at home.

Replace Your Water Heater

If you have an older water heater, it likely uses too much energy. Consider replacing it in the near future. If you look into your options, you might find that a more energy-efficient model will work well in your home. If your home uses under 41 gallons of water a day, a demand water heater can be 24-34% more energy-efficient than a standard storage tank water heater. This will add up to a lot of savings over the next few years, with the water tank likely paying for itself eventually. Therefore, you should look into your replacement options.

Maintain Your Existing Systems

There are a lot of different systems working in your home at any given time. You need to be aware of how your electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems are doing. About 60 million people in the United States also have a septic system, with a third of new development being served by septic systems. If you don’t maintain these systems, they could develop problems that take up extra energy and money. Make sure that you inspect your systems and maintain them regularly. If a problem shows up, get it taken care of quickly. This will keep your bills lower.

Cool Your House Naturally

If it gets hot in your area, you need to cool off your house. If you’re parenting small children, it is a safety measure. However, air conditioning can cost a lot of money. Find ways to cool your house naturally. If you have trees properly placed around your house, they can reduce your air conditioning needs by 30% and save you 20-50% on heating. You can also open doors and windows to allow cross breezes into your home. All of these things are free and will help to cut your energy bill.

Get an Energy Audit

You probably have leaks and damage in your home that you don’t know about. If you get an energy audit, professionals can help you find problems you weren’t even aware of. They may also be able to help you pay for the fixes, saving you money on materials and your energy bills. To find an energy audit, you can talk to your utility providers or look for information online. Many places will offer them for free.

Put Your Heat On a Timer

It can be easy to forget that your heat is at a certain temperature. If you put it on a timer, you can tailor your heat schedule to fit your daily routine. Keep it higher when you’re at home, then lower it to a cool but reasonable level when you’re out of the house. Most modern thermostats will let you do this, allowing you to save money on your heating bill with minimal effort.

If you want to put your money toward parenting and other responsibilities, you can save money on utilities by being energy efficient. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Sometimes a one-time investment or a few minutes of work will pay off for years. So, take a look at these tips and see which ones will apply in your home. Any of them are a good first step toward becoming more energy efficient at home.

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