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We’re huge advocates for homeschooling, and we’ve homeschooled all of our children so far up to high school age. We started out following a homeschool curriculum, but found that both we and our kids were more comfortable with a broader, student-led approach that is often called unschooling. However, many folks who are drawn to educating their kids at home aren’t interested in unschooling, but would instead like to have access to the lesson planning, curriculum, and recordkeeping that a homeschool program offers.

Finding the best homeschool program fit for both the parents and the children can be a time-consuming endeavor, but some of that time can be saved by taking a look at this online homeschool program comparison from Consumer Affairs. It includes a ranking of the top programs researched by consumers, covers the important features of homeschool programs that should be taken under consideration, and an explanation of the different types of programs, and expert reviews. While no decision should be made on the basis of a single source of information, this homeschool program comparison could help shorten the amount of time it takes to narrow the choices down a bit. Find out more at Consumer Affairs.

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