How to Turn Your Basement Into a Study Space for Your Teenager

Parenting can be a difficult task. When it comes time to get a teenager to do their homework, it can feel like the most impossible job in the world, but getting your child into that mindset starts early. NPR reports that children who attend preschool activities are 8% more likely to attend college. Later in their childhood, academically speaking, some guides and resources can help you help your child study more or enjoy the process of getting homework done more. After you cover the academic items on your list, consider getting your basement done. A finished basement is a great financial investment that will make studying more comfortable for your child. Learn how to create a study space that your family will want to spend more time in below.

Finished Basements Yield Returns

There are many different things that you can do to your home for remodeling and renovation purposes that will provide a solid return on your investment (ROI). The 2022 Remodeling Impact Reports that a finished basement is ranked high when it comes to yielding a return on your investment. One estimation is that you can get as high as a 70% return. This means that if you spend $10,000 getting it done, you will get back $7,000 when it comes time to sell.

A finished basement does not need to cost that much, but when you convert your basement into an additional living area, you create more livable square footage on your property. This makes your home more desirable to future buyers, and a finished basement will factor into their decisions and their offers. Consider adding flooring and walling to your basement. A comfortable space that is more private may be the ideal study space for a resistant teenager who doesn’t want to do their homework.

Flooring and Walls

Not much has to go into a finished basement. Finished flooring and walls are the staples for finishing your basement. Explore and research your options to see what you need to do here. You will want to have drywalling or plastering done in your basement, and you’ll also want to consider flooring options.

Of course, the budget will be high on your mind. At the same time, you have to consider what kind of basement you already have. If you have a basement high in moisture or that is prone to leaking, get that taken care of first. This will factor into your decisions on what kind of flooring to get. A pro can help with this!

Carpeting is ideal and the most common kind of flooring in a finished basement. However, if you have a lot of leaks, you will undergo expensive remodeling repairs down the road. Laminate or even hardwood can make for a nice floor. The overall temperature of your basement should be kept in mind, knowing that a carpeted floor will keep your basement warmer all year long.

Finishing Details

After the flooring and the walls, you can add the finishing details you want to make this a space conducive to studying. A granite bar or kitchen counter and a mini-fridge with refreshments for your teen will make them more likely to want to spend time down here. Geology Science reports that granite is a stone made from combining feldspar, quartz, and mica. This makes any d├ęcor additions to your home durable and beautiful and stunning study space for any teen.

Getting your child to study can be a big job, but a basement remodel can make that fun for you, too. Use these tips for a basement remodel to create the perfect space for your teen today!