Help Kids Learn About Energy Conservation

Kids look up to their father for advice. The research on this matter is indisputable. While motherhood may have been central to parenting studies in the past, researchers are learning that having a good dad is becoming more important every day. Having an involved father teaching their kids the value of family, friends, life, money, and yes, saving energy and its impact on the environment, can go a long way.

Teach them how energy is delivered to homes

You can teach them about the different energy providers that exist in your location and how they deliver energy to homes. Teach your kids where these utility companies get their energy source and why you chose one of them to provide electricity or gas for your home. You can then go on to tell your kids that many of these energy sources have limits which is why there’s a need to save on their usage. For example, the American Geosciences Institute estimates that natural gas will last for about 90 years. Providing your kids this information will get them to think of limiting natural gas use in your homes so they could still enjoy it when they’re adults.

Get them to identify various types of artificial light sources

Teach kids about the different kinds of artificial light sources and the estimated amount of energy they consume. You can then prepare a matching type game where they get to identify and pair different sources of light with the amount of energy they use. This way, you’ll impart to them important knowledge about the use of energy-saving light sources like compact fluorescent lamps, light-emitting diodes, and smart bulbs.

Allow them to suggest how to make your home energy efficient

Kids have ideas too! Without a doubt, they will start searching on their own the moment you teach them the importance of saving energy. Let your kids present their ideas on how to make your home energy-efficient. They might suggest opening drapes to let natural light in during winter and doing the opposite during summer or avoiding the use of warm water when washing clothes. Even simple things like these can save energy. You can also tell them how these actions positively impact the environment and ecology in general.

Use your home’s energy wisely

Did you know that plugged-in appliances and devices consume electricity even when unused? Phone and laptop chargers, video or audio systems, and electrical kitchen appliances consume a small amount of electricity when continuously plugged in. And while their electrical consumption may not be that huge, combine all of them and you will see a serious amount of electricity being consumed. So always remind them to unplug devices and appliances when not in use.

Helping your kids realize the importance of saving energy would help you overcome energy challenges at home. Your kids will greatly benefit from learning the value of saving and using energy only when necessary.

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