Ways to Learn How to Make Beer at Home

All those we have walked the same path can bear me witness that being a brewing greenhorn is an embarrassing and limiting task. You will be shocked to note that there is nothing cryptic with your brewing buddies. You don’t have to worry about fitting in the circle anymore; this guide will make you the intramural of the circle. With the laid out steps, the process will prove to be easy for you. We will take you through essential steps, from the brewing equipment, ingredients and time needed to make beer at home. Remember, any brewing process needs to have a good recipe.


The main ingredients used in brewing are yeast, hops, malt, and water. It is crucial to realize that the choice of the ingredients will influence the quality of the beer. Normally, water will account for the biggest portion of the beer and thus its quality should be checked to eliminate any traces of chlorine that will ruin your beer. Yeast helps in the fermentation process while hops serve as both stabilizing and flavoring agents. Grains provide dextrin, proteins, flavor, and color. Now with the above ingredients at your disposal, you should focus on finer details that will make your beer tasty. They include;

  • Flavor
  • Bitterness
  • Stability
  • Aroma

Brewing Equipment

After getting hold of the ingredients, you need to ensure that you have the right setup of equipment. A good setup reduces disruptions and delays when you start brewing. The common apparatus that you must have included;

  1. Food-safe barrels
  2. Glasses
  3. Brewing kettle
  4. Different funnels
  5. Bottle Capper

However, if you can access the above equipment you should not worry as there are some simple modifications you can make at home and you will get a tasty beer. You can learn more from 52Brews about these modifications.

Brewing Process

While you only need just one day to complete the brewing part, the fermentation process is time-consuming. You need to set aside 3 to five weeks to complete the fermentation process. The period will also see the maturation of your beer. Key activities during the brewing process include boiling, mashing, cooling, grinding, lautering and separation of the hot trub. You have the option of either mixing and grinding the grains or buying already ground and mixed ingredients.

After mixing, the next setup is lautering. Here, you will separate the liquid part from the solid particles. You can use a sieve to drain the liquid from the brew kettle. When you complete the lautering, you can weigh the extract to determine the value. The good thing is that you do not have to throw the draft away. On the contrary, you can use it to feed your cows or chickens. The lautering process means that the wort may have cooled and you thus need to boil it. It is recommendable that you set an alarm while boiling to prevent possible errors.

Well, brewing at home has been made easy by the listed steps. You only need to have the right recipe, ingredients, and equipment. Here is a quick recap of the essential steps, grinding, mashing, lautering, boiling, separation of the trub, colling the trub, and fermentation. Nonetheless, you need to pay keen consideration to the quality of the ingredients. They influence the flavor and color of the beer. Slight changes may occur in the first stage. You may either settle for ground and mixed grains or do the grinding. We hope that the outlined steps will offer the required aid and guidance in your home brewing process.

Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

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