Tips for Building Your Own Tiny House

In the last few years, the tiny house phenomenon has taken off. People are making more and more use out of their small spaces and some are even making them portable.

While there are plenty of companies out there that will help you design, build, and then deliver your tiny home, many people are doing it themselves.

It’s not as big of a project as building your own two-story home. It costs a lot less and is not nearly as time-consuming. With a bit of research and help, you can be on your way to building your own future abode.

Manage the Bureaucracy

There are plenty of laws to look into before building your tiny house. Each state has different codes and ordinance so what might have worked for your tiny house friend may not be the same for you.

Many tiny houses are built on trailers so a building permit is not needed while many others have wheels so they can be classified as campervans.

There also might be certain regulations on where you can build it, what materials you can use and certain sizes. Make sure to do your research before you get far into the process only to find out you have to turn everything around or change some crucial elements. Do your due diligence beforehand.

Have a Solid Plan

Just like making an outline for a presentation, you need to have your plan matched out before you decide what exactly you’ll be doing. A concrete plan is going to save you time and a lot of frustration down the road.

Look at other designs of tiny houses and think about what makes them functional. What kind of doors do they have? How accessible is it? What do they do for electric and plumbing? What are the best ways to maximize space? You may have the perfect plan in your head, but make sure you get it on paper to keep yourself organized.

Think About the Materials

One of the benefits of building your own tiny house is that you can get really creative with your materials. Many tiny houses elect to use recycled materials. Not only does that lessen your carbon footprint, but it also significantly lowers your costs and expenditure.

When you’re thinking about other materials, you’ll want to put most of your thought into the windows. Even though you’re saving money by building a tiny house, you’ll just lose it all again if your house is energy-inefficient. Look carefully at the kind of windows and class you want your house to have to keep you warm.

When it comes to putting everything together, look to save money where you can as well. Chances are this is going to be a long project so make sure you can get the tools and hardware you need to cover the project’s length. You’ll be running to the store multiple times for this piece of equipment or more nails or more wood.

Design Meticulously

If you’re not familiar with building, you may want to ask a friend or find help in terms of designing the house. You might have your perfect idea in mind but they may be able to steer you in the right direction.

With your tiny house, you don’t just want to make everything smaller but you want to make everything fit. Think about what kinds of furniture could have more than one use or how you can maximize your kitchen space.

Also think about where your tiny house is going to be. Can you save money on your electricity bill by putting it in a place with a lot of natural light? Are you going to have your tiny house isolated or will it be grouped with others? Do you want it to be easily moved or do you prefer it to be stationary?

In addition, one of the most important and oft-overlooked aspects is the weight of the house. If your house goes over a certain weight you may be subject to different codes and classifications. If you’re moving it, you’ll want to pay attention to the tongue weight. Your tiny house could sway on the road while transporting it or overload the tires. Then all your hard work is all over the road.

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