Solar Oven: Build It Yourself & Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Did you know you can cook your food for free?

Solar cooking is just one choice in a multi-faceted field of alternatives and options when it comes to the use of solar energy. However, choosing a solar oven will make your way to a greener life easier. They do not require electricity, gas, fire, or charcoal to cook your meals. All they need is the sun.

Furthermore, some types of solar ovens can be built at home. The simplicity of this device allows for easy construction and installation of it. Thus, if you are among those that are eager to try and use this oven (cooker), GreenMatch has created an infographic with all the steps and instructions in order to set up the oven yourself.

Choosing a solar oven will benefit you in many ways:

  1. Solar ovens use renewable energy. Hence, the sun is an abundant resource and it cannot be over-consumed, contrary to the fossil fuels that will expire in few decades.
  2. The meal is prepared in a healthier way as opposed to gas, smoky open fire, microwave, etc.. Best of all, it preserves most of the natural ingredients of our food because of the way it prepares it.
  3. It is ideal for camping, outdoors activities, and emergency situations. In times of trouble, a solar oven is an important tool and can be very beneficial.

Hopefully we inspired you to try solar cooking at home, and to furthermore build a solar oven yourself. There are no drawbacks from the use of it. It is a step further in your journey to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


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