Small House Design: Seattle Tiny Homes Offers Complete Tiny House On Wheels Plans

tiny house on wheelsIf you’re interested in building your own small house, or having someone build you a tiny house, one of the most important elements is the plans, especially if you’re not a builder by profession. Some people that work in the building trades can frame up walls and a roof in no time, without much guidance, but those of us who have more enthusiasm and willingness than we do skills and experience will benefit from working off of a detailed tiny house plan.

And while it’s completely possible to build a small house on either a temporary foundation or a permanent pad, one of the awesome benefits of a tiny house is that it can be built on a trailer, which essentially gives you a house on wheels that can go anywhere you go. The tiny house plans now offered by Seattle Tiny Homes are designed to do exactly that, and these comprehensive plans aren’t just small house building plans that can be put onto a trailer without any regard for standards, as the Alki plans meet the standards used by the RV industry, so you can rest assured that the resulting tiny house build will be not only safe but may allow your tiny house on wheels to be certified as an RV. Is another option different from the normal regular houses, although if you want something more permanent and affordable you can consider the burnaby condos for sale to make your living plans a reality for you and your family.

tiny house design

The plans for the Alki tiny house, which is the most popular model offered by Seattle Tiny Homes, were drawn up in collaboration with Saul Rip Hansen, an experienced architectural designer and the founder of the Collaborative Tiny House Project. And the plans aren’t just for the framing and structural components of the Alki tiny house, but also include complete framing, electrical, plumbing, propane, and HVAC plans, of course for this you will need all the gold coast plumbing  materials that you can get all in one place at Black Jade Plumbing. Also you will get step-by-step building guide, pro tips from the Seattle Tiny House building team, a list of the necessary tools, a materials list, and the appropriate schematics, cutaways, and perspectives necessary to build a tiny home yourself. Click plumber to see my personal recommendation for our plumbing system. The purchase of the 88-page set of plans also includes a $300 credit towards a Seattle Tiny Homes trailer, which is another incentive to get started building the tiny house on wheels you’ve always wanted.

“At 24 feet long, it’s just the right length for most people. We’ve designed it to be full of light, and the first thing people say when they step inside is, “Oh, I didn’t know a tiny home could feel so spacious!”

The Alki has a full kitchen, a full bathroom, and even space for a washer and dryer. You can sleep in one of the two lofts, or you can sleep in a convertible bed on the main level in the great room. It is one of our most versatile and practical models.

With clean, contemporary styling, the Alki is eye-catching and beautiful.” – Seattle Tiny Homes

“Build your tiny house with the most comprehensive construction plans available today. Seattle Tiny Homes is now offering building plans for our most popular Alki model, a moveable micro home. See your dream become reality as you follow intricately detailed documents that take the guesswork out of installing your home’s most complicated systems (like electrical, plumbing, propane, and HVAC). Few things are more satisfying than building your own tiny home, and these plans give you the best possible opportunity to succeed.”

The Alki tiny house design features a light-filled living area, two lofts, a full kitchen, a full bathroom complete with a tub/shower combo, and room for a stackable washer/dryer. The main level of this small house is 192 square feet, with 80 square feet in one loft and almost 50 square feet in the other loft, with a 9′ 6″ to 10′ 10″ ceiling height (lowest to highest) and a standard height (6′ 8″) door and 6′ 8″ clearance from the floor to the bottom of the lofts.

tiny house interior

The tiny house plans are designed to include an apartment-sized refrigerator (10 cubic feet), a 21″ range, a 24″ wide stackable washer/dryer combo, a composting toilet (or other toilet options), and either a gas or electric tank or tankless water heater.

This small house on wheels design, when completed, measures 24′ long (plus the trailer tongue), 8′ 6″ wide, 13′ 6″ high, and will weigh in at approximately 10,500 pounds (depending on materials and finish). The completed tiny house can be easily towed by a 3/4 ton truck and will be road legal in all 50 US states.

The comprehensive Alki tiny house plans (copyrighted) are printed on easy-to-read 11×17″ pages, and are currently available to be shipped free of charge anywhere in the world. The special launch pricing on these complete small house design plans is $695.00 right now (full price is $895.00), but can also be ordered ‘a la carte’ as just the tiny house framing plans ($395), the electrical plan ($135), the small house plumbing plan ($175), or the propane and HVAC plans ($95 each).

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