How To Create The Perfect ‘Super Shed’

For years, the humble shed was looked upon as a place for small projects and garden storage. However, over recent years many people in the US have unlocked the potential of these garden annexes and have created spaces which are arguably just as desirable as their main homes.

These sheds have been christened ‘super sheds’ – and there is a rising trend sweeping the nation of homeowners who are deciding to upscale their existing sheds into something more special.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when creating your own super shed.

You need a solid structure

Whilst you might be able to get away with converting your existing shed into something special, often it’s the case that a bigger more robust structure might be needed in order to make your super shed dreams a reality.

If your shed is badly damaged, suffering from wood rot or rust issues and generally on its last legs, it will save you a lot of time, effort (and probably money) to opt to purchase a new wood or metal shed. That’ll give you a safe and secure structure in which to build your new project.

Have a clear goal

Nothing helps aid a successful renovation project like a clear vision of what is desired to be achieved. Whether working by yourself or as part of a team, clarity of an objective will help speed things up and ensure mistakes are kept to a minimum.

Asking questions such as ‘is this space going to be used for relaxation or for activities?’ will help guide your decision making in terms of color selections and furniture options.

This idea of an end goal can also provide motivation during the moments of construction where things might get a little tiring. Picture your super shed and the sweat and dollars you expending now won’t seem so bad.

Keep to a budget

Such is the phenomenon of the super shed, that all sorts of amazing creations have been installed in peoples back gardens in the name of having an amazing private hideaway. As you’d expect, these more grandiose sheds can come with a bit of a price tag.

If you’ve got the money, by all means spend it, but don’t let your project cut into funds that you just can’t afford to lose. Set a sensible budget and stick to it. There’s nothing worse than a building being a constant reminder as the cause of your financial difficulties! Your shed is only really super if you can afford it.

Get creative

A super shed is your chance to throw the rulebook out the window. Ever wanted your own private bar, styled in the theme of the deep south? What about a chill out zone with a Scandinavian feel that represents the principals of hygge? Nothing is off the table!

Since this building is separate from your main home you can let your imagination run wild. Nothing inside the shed has to match with your house and it can be used as a getaway from normal life. An oasis for you to indulge and get lost in.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

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