Five Easy DIY Projects for the Whole Family

There are hundreds of ways to spend meaningful time with family, and DIY projects are the perfect opportunity to create something with your kids. A fun and educational DIY project can be affordable and make your house feel more like home. With these five easy DIY projects, you can get everyone in on these exciting renovation projects for kids and parents to do together.

Getting Ready and Staying Safe

Before starting any project, you want to have the right materials.

Some tools and materials are specific to the task; we’ve outlined those in the descriptions below. Other materials, such as protective clothing and gear, are essential to have on hand for every project to ensure everyone’s safety.

Some standard safety gear includes:

  • Work gloves – these protect hands from splinters, cuts, and more; they are especially valuable for protecting kids’ soft hands!
  • Work shoes – these protect feet from falling or heavy objects; you can find some good pairs for men and women at
  • Safety goggles – if you’re going to be drilling, sawing, or doing any other activity that involves bits of debris flying around, you want to protect your eyes and your children’s eyes!

Are you outfitted with safety gear and ready to roll? Let’s begin!

  1. Easy Backyard Swing

One of the easiest backyard DIY projects that kids and parents will love is the backyard swing. There are lots of options ranging from a simple rope or tire swing to a bench-seat porch swing.

For a rope swing or tire swing, outfit a sturdy tree or wooden framing with rope and a tire.

The porch swing can be a more advanced project if you want to build from scratch. All you need to complete this project is:

  • Wood
  • A cutting tool
  • Screws
  • Power drill
  • Rope or chain

Assemble the bench by crisscrossing wood and screwing into place. Then attach places on the arms and back for the chains to hold it suspended in place. Fit to a wooden frame or grid, or on a stable part of the porch.

  1. Tire Teeter Totter

This indoor/outdoor toy will give your child endless enjoyment. All you need is half of a standard car tire, a wooden board, and a sturdy handle. Place the cut and sanded board over the cut half of the tire and attach handles at both ends.

Harvard Health says that outdoor play and exercise are crucial for your child’s development. This DIY project is both a fun craft and a great way to let your child enjoy the fresh air. Your child can teeter-totter all they want on this affordable and fun DIY project. They can paint it themselves, leaving them with a feeling of accomplishment.

  1. Cement Stepping Stones

This DIY project is perfect for young kids who may not be able to help when power tools become involved. Buy a concrete kit with a mold and bring your own accessories to decorate. These can include stones, tiles, and even photos!

The best part of this project is that your child can personalize it. They can create a mosaic with tiles, leave a handprint, or even select a photo to place under glass in the concrete. These stepping-stones are great to put on a garden path or the front doorstep.

  1. Cinder Block Benches

This intricate outdoor project has lots of steps but minimal use of power tools and a stunning final result. All you need are three small wooden beams, cinder blocks, pillows, and paint. You and your partner can saw your wooden beams to length, and then the kiddos can help you paint the wood and cinder blocks.

Place the cinder blocks upright and balance the wood between them to create a bench structure. With a pillow on top, this becomes a great place to hang out with company on the back patio or lay by the pool. Let your kids decorate with lots of fun colors since it’s so easy to paint over when they get a little older.

  1. Backyard Fire Pit

Sitting around a bonfire is a great way to enjoy family, especially during the winter months. Get your much-needed outdoor time even on the coldest days with this fun DIY fire pit. All you need is a paver or brick base and a patch of lawn.

Parents love this project because it is so affordable but adds some upscale flair to the backyard. Plus, it’s easy for the kids to help with this one as it doesn’t involve any dangerous machinery or tools.

Dig up any grassy spot so that you have a dirt patch with enough space to hold a bonfire. Then surround the patch with layers of pavers or bricks. Use any extra bricks to build seating or a footpath. While the design is pretty simple, it can look fancy and upscale with the right pavers.

The kids can help come up with the layout and bring the pavers into place. Try building your fire pit next to your cinder block benches for the ultimate backyard party space!

The Bottom Line

Completing a DIY project with your child can be immensely satisfying. It is an opportunity to instill hard work and teach lessons about self-sufficiency while enjoying quality time with your child.

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