Father Duties: Handyman Tips in Providing a Safety & Healthy Home for Your Family

You are a father of a beautiful family with a great home life. As a father, you want to protect your wife and children and keep them safe inside and outside your home. Being the head of your household involves many challenges where you must be able to think quickly on your feet when there are signs of danger. Your family is the most important thing to you. And having small children keeps you more on your toes than ever in trying to keep up with their every movement. This article will help you become the handyman that you always wanted to be, while giving you tools and resources on how to provide a safe and healthy home for your family.


One of the most disastrous things that can happen to small children is trying to stick their tiny fingers into electric sockets and getting electrocuted. One of the best ways to protect small children from this is to have electric socket covers for those outlets that you rarely use. This prevents small fingers from penetrating the socket and getting the never ending electricity that is flowing through them. Socket covers will help your children to be safe in your home.


Your children drink water all day long. And while water is naturally good for your body, it can be better with a great filter. A water filter will take out harmful particles from your faucet drinking water. The filter alleviates this bacteria which can get into your body, causing diseases and health issues. This recent article discusses how water filters can bring the most pure water that your family will ever drink into your home.


If you are working inside your home with a power tool and your children are around, make sure and never leave your children unsupervised. You will also need to make sure that the power tool is unplugged and turned to the off position should you need to leave it for any amount of time. A power tool that is plugged and left on can cut small curious fingers and hands or even worse. This is a danger for your children and an accident waiting to happen.

It would also be a great idea to put your power tool away in an area that is unreachable by your children. There is a natural curiosity in a child and a shiny new power tool would be just the thing to peek their interest. Keep power tools and tools of any kind, unplugged when not using, turned off and put away safely where your child cannot reach. This advice is not only for power tools. You should also keep an eye on your hand tools. Get a decent toolbox to organize socket sets better. There are small parts from tools that are quite dangerous when swallowed.


When you have small children in your home, as a father you try to become aware of anything that will bring danger to them. One of the most dangerous tools are nails that are often used to hang pictures or secure other items. When a nail is left hanging on a wall, it can be easily pulled out by a small child who can get this into his/her hand and puncture the skin, eye or other parts the body. Nails are dangerous to those who do not understand what they are used for. Today’s market has small picture hanging strips that are much less dangerous for small children in your home. These strips secure to the wall and can hang any size or weight picture, while keeping the nails in your walls to a minimum.


If you are a father of smaller children that have begun walking, but are unable to truly understand the danger element of some things in your home, then you may want to install baby fences around your home. These are fences that only adults can lock and unlock and allow your baby to stay in a contained and controlled area.

The baby fence will not allow the baby to get into an area where they could possibly bring harm to themselves. Small children are often curious and do not realize that what they are attempting to touch or play with is harmful. Baby fences around your home will protect your little one from reaching these objects while giving you peace of mind.


If you are a parent with a newborn who will be sleeping in his/her crib in their own room, then installing a baby monitor in their room is a great idea. As a father, you want to make sure that you keep track of your baby’s every movement. By installing a baby monitor, you will know when your baby awakes and needs you. The monitor will allow you to hear your baby when he/she cries, laughs, screams or sleeps. You will be able to hear your baby’s movement while knowing that he/she is safe and secure in their crib in your home


If you are working on a project inside of your home that requires the use of a home ladder, you will need to remember to put the ladder back in the shed or in a safe place where your child cannot reach. There are times when you may need a certain tool and walk away from your home’s ladder. It is often during these times when an observant small child will want to pull the ladder causing immediate danger to himself. Make sure and keep your children out of the room where you are using a ladder and to put them away immediately when you are done using them

As the handyman father in your home, you know that you are the leader. Whatever decisions that you make today, will surely have consequences in your family’s future. Keep them safe by remembering these helpful tips and advice about what to do when working around your home. Your children will grow up knowing that their father protected them while having fun and bonding at the same time.

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