Eight lessons your kids can learn from building their own treehouses

When I was young, I used to build treehouses and forts in the woods between two local towns. These days you have to look into city regulations before you can start building a treehouse in the local woods, but that is not the major concern today. Children are more absorbed in their video games and smart phones than ever before and it’s really hard to get them out of their rooms. So when it comes to good parenting and giving your children some healthy workout and life lessons, you actually have to go the extra mile.

I think that one should really motivate their children to make their treehouse under supervision. Here are some of the lessons your children can learn from building their own treehouse:

  1. Your kids can learn about measurement and three-dimensional geometry in your backyard and may even take their mathematics teacher by surprise. One can forget things one learns in class, but what one learns through experience, one never forgets.
  2. Your children will learn how the size of their body actually relates to the world along with the approximate height from which they could safely jump. This is really important when it comes to emergency situations.
  3. Your children will get to know about the common sizes of lumber, 2×4” studs and 4×8’ sheets of plywood. They will also know about the sizes of nails and will be able to make their children a tree house when they grow old.
  4. Your children will be able to figure out how diagonal bracing stiffens the structure, how the bracing is to be applied at a corner and how to properly hold up the platform of the tree house.
  5. Your children will know the difference between screws and nails along with the significance of pulleys and how they help in carrying heavy things up.
  6. Your children will learn how to strengthen windows and doors through framing and how to make structures waterproof.
  7. They will learn why houses are built with slopping roofs and how they help in shedding snow and rain.
  8. You probably learned to place the framing narrow side up; you were beginning to learn about “strength of materials,” a subject taught in engineering schools.

These were some of the things your children will learn if they were to build their own treehouse under your supervision. If you want your children to complete their treehouse quickly, they can really speed up construction with bog mats. These mats help in speeding up development especially if your tree house is situated in a very wet and muddy site. Bog mats can make a nice secure path towards the treehouse and you won’t have to get stuck with construction things every time you have to carry tools and wood to the development site.

It’s a fact that all parents provide their children with basic schooling, but the experiences they can have with you, they will never be able to find them elsewhere. So be wise and do good parenting, your children will always thank you for that.

Image: pnwra

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