Dad Goals: DIY Remodeling of Your Home

Finding the time to plan, purchase materials, and execute a “do it yourself” remodel project around your home can feel like a juggling act, especially if you are also a father juggling your kids too! Being a busy father is something so many of us are all very familiar with, and when it comes time to upgrade certain aspects of your home, it can be tough to find the time. Additionally, sometimes a project might have one too many moving parts, which means it might be time to call a professional, and that is okay.

The main point to remember is to create a realistic budget for you and your household on the projects that you want to get working on. Break those projects down by time, materials, and cost, and finally be honest with yourself on which projects you can handle on your own as a full-time dad, and which ones you might need to call in a professional for.

Here a few ideas of some DIY remodel projects that you can do around your home on a budget and in less time than you would expect.

Try a Glass Barn Door

One great project idea that elevates your home that you can quite easily do by yourself is installing something like a glass barn door. This piece can be used in multiple ways around your home. You can install this in a door frame to create a separation between rooms, for example, in your living room and dining room areas. Alternatively, you can also install it as a wall fixture for a beautiful accent piece.

Projects like this are a little more complicated but well worth the effort. This is especially true because there are countless tutorials on how to get something like this installed properly into your home.

Learn the Basics

Learning the basic principles of DIY home remodel projects will help broaden your ideas on what you can do yourself, especially on a budget, and what you should leave to a professional. The idea, however, is to read as much as you can about the basics so you can actually become more confident in both repairing things around your home, and executing projects on your own.

Build Easy Things

With our second tip in mind, our third tip is more about the things you can build easily around your home, instead of shedding out more money to purchase them already made. For example, you can build beautiful shelves that you can stain on your own for just a few dollars. These pieces can create a more put-together atmosphere in your living areas, as well as bedrooms, without much effort.

When You Might Need a Professional

Lastly, when things get tricky and you find that certain remodels are going to require licensing and permits to get done, then its probably time to hire a professional contractor. It is okay if you find that a project turns out to be more than you can handle on your own, or even with family members. Sometimes it is worth the investment to hire a contractor to do the job when there are permits that need to be applied for. It is much better to have things done to code, then realize later on that all the work you did needs to be taken down because it did not meet regulations.

A lot of the time these regulations might be completely random, and unless you are a contractor, you might not know that what you have built you will soon be fined for. Avoid this at all costs by doing your research on the type of projects you are looking to do.

For all the busy dads who are looking to get their hands dirty and start making changes to upgrade your family home, always consider these tips to test what you are comfortable with taking on and what is best to be left alone. Remember that budgeting is an incredible way to plan and execute things properly, so always take the time to research how much materials will cost, how long something will take to save up for, and plan accordingly.

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