5 Easy Home Fix-Ups a Busy Dad Can Do

If you’re a busy dad who is always on the go but wants to do some fix-ups around the house, it’s possible to do some easy ones all by yourself. These fix-ups don’t have to expensive and won’t take you much time at all to complete. There is a wide range of different things you can get accomplished from installing new barn door hardware to simply putting up some new wallpaper to change the appearance of a room. It doesn’t have to be complicated or drawn out to look nice. Read on to find five easy home fix-ups that any busy dad can do.


Wallpaper is by far one of the easiest things any dad can do, even if they don’t have a lot of time on their hands. The best part is that new wallpaper can completely change the appearance and feel of a room immediately. Changing the colors of the walls doesn’t have to involve paint and the removal of everything in the room; it can be much more simple than that. If you’re really looking for a big change then you should go for a bold color or style that stands out. If you don’t know how to do it, a simple video online will teach you how in less than five minutes. It’s a project that completely changes a room in a matter of minutes and can be accomplished by anyone.


Fireproofing your entire house will protect your home against household fires that will cause damage to your property and cost money to replace. This can be done quickly and simply in a few steps. Most fires start in the kitchen so that’s where you need to begin. Making your kitchen a safe place to cook is an easy way to fireproof your home and prevent future fires. Investing in fireproof lids and fire extinguishers are great ways to make sure your home is properly fireproofed. Fire extinguishers can be found at most hardware stores. They aren’t expensive and they are really effective in putting out small fires. Additionally, all you have to do is buy them and set them around your house. Not a lot of work is required to make your house safer than it was before.

Remove Old Furniture

Getting rid of old furniture that you might not want anymore is a task that can be easy. Sometimes all it takes is picking it up and carrying it out to the curb or the dumpster. The problem is that many people don’t think about needing to do it until that furniture has really gotten old and gross. Make sure you throw out any old furniture from your home when you get a chance. It doesn’t take long. You can easily throw old furniture away by moving it near the door and then grabbing it on your way out and taking it to the trash. It’s a great way to tidy up and free extra space in your house without doing much work at all.

Clean the Pantry

If you’re cooking and you want to tidy up at the same time, cleaning out your pantry is a great way to multi-task. You can remove any old spices or food that you might not ever eat and throw it away. You can also organize it the way you like to make it easier to find things in the future. You can do all of this while you’re waiting for a meal to cook because it takes almost no time at all. The next time you cook, you’ll remember how great of a job you did.

Create a Cleaning Checklist

You can create a cleaning checklist to make sure you budget time for tidying up and cleaning your house. It won’t take long at all to write down all of the things you think you might need to do in the future and put it somewhere safe. This way, you can come back in a week or two and know exactly where to start. It’s part of cleaning your house and staying organized because you don’t have to think about all the things you might have to do. You simply write it down and then you’re done with it.

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