5 Dry Shampoo Hacks to Try Right Away

As a parent, it is no secret that you’re busy all the time. Parents spend so much time taking care of others that it can be hard to find time to take care of themselves. Since they’re always on the go, alone time can be hard to get.

So that means any mom or dad can wave goodbye to the sometimes luxurious ritual of getting ready every morning. Even the most basic and mundane tasks take hours to do! For example, on average, women spend about three hours a week washing, blow-drying, and styling their hair.

This is where the miracle of dry shampoo can come in. This hair product is a busy mom’s dream — it cleans and refreshes hair without the need for any water. But it is not just a way to blast that grease from your hair as there are plenty of different dry shampoo hacks that will stretch that bottle farther than ever.

Get rid of the crunch of air drying

If you have curly hair, you may be used to putting gel or curl cream in your hair to get rid of frizz when you air dry. Sometimes the gel dries funky and a quick blast of dry shampoo will help ease the crunch in a pinch.

Prevent sweaty messes at the gym

Spraying dry shampoo before you head to the gym can keep your hair from becoming too sweaty while working out. This is an especially good trick if you have to run errands after the gym; it’ll help to absorb sweat and oil throughout your routine.

Help bobby pins stick

Getting your bobby pins to stick in your clean hair can be a challenge, to say the least. So if you are having problems with them falling out, simply spray some dry shampoo on them to give them a good grip.

Add texture

Some texture sprays can be heavy and sticky. Bypass this by simply focusing your dry shampoo on the shaft of your hair, not the roots. Tousle as you please, and you’ll have soft, touchable texture that will last the rest of the day.

Style while you sleep

Don’t have time to get ready in the morning? Spray your hair with dry shampoo, braid it, then wake up to easy waves that you can finger-comb easily as you get ready.

Next time you’re either feeling lazy or rushed, use these dry shampoo hacks and get ready to be wowed. Your hair and your watch will thank you!

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