10 Household Uses for Portable Air Compressors

Have you ever stopped to consider what a major role compressed air plays in our lives? The people who built your home probably relied on compressed air. Mechanics use it every time they service your car, and even the balloons your kids enjoy are thanks to compressed air.

If you don’t already own a portable air compressor, it’s an excellent addition to your collection. They’re efficient, for one thing — you’ll be saving money on your power or fuel bill by doing work with compressed air. They’re also incredibly versatile! Check out some of the creative ways you can use a compressor.

Nail It Down

Air-powered nail guns are the industry standard for contractors and can offer unlimited life compared to their battery-powered counterparts. As with all air tools, nail guns can be dangerous, so you should understand how to use air compressors safely.

Blow It Up

We’re not talking about explosives here… However, you can quickly fill balloons or inflatable pool toys with help from a portable compressor.

Snow Globe

As a creative use of compressed air when the holidays come, use your compressor to make a winter wonderland in your backyard by blowing chilled water through a fan. Warning: This one might tack onto your electricity bill, as opposed to our other money-saving suggestions.

Stay Clean

Have something you’d like to dust, but don’t feel like putting the time in? Hit it with a blast of compressed air. It’s the quickest cleaning job you’ve ever done, and it works.

Instant Grill

Are you a charcoal-grill aficionado who can’t stand waiting for the coals to get hot? Trim the pressure regulator on your grill just right, and you’ve got instant stoke. Just blast some air into the bottom of your grill for drastically faster fire starting.

Chill Out

Need to cool your drink off in a hurry? Hit it with a blast of compressed air. Of course, this works best for beverages that have closed containers. Just make sure you hold on tight.

Paint Projects

Professional home painters don’t use brushes and rollers. They have spray guns that use compressed air. This approach creates a nice, even finish, and you can be like the pros by purchasing a consumer paint gun at your local hardware store for use on your projects.

Home Mechanic

Pulling all those lug nuts off the car can get tedious. Instead of wrecking your back using a cheater bar and socket, use an air-powered impact gun.

Fix a Flat

If you have kids, they probably have bikes and sports equipment like basketballs and footballs. All of these can go flat, and that’s where your compressor comes in. Just select the right attachment, and you’ll have the fix done in no time.

Pool Cleaning

Wouldn’t your pool stay cleaner if you could remove all the gunk that builds up in the suction and return lines? You can, with compressed air. Just make sure to use the right setting so you don’t over-pressurize the lines and blow a fitting out.

As you can see, the compressor is a valuable addition with many uses. Pick one up soon so you can enjoy these and other life hacks brought to you by compressed air.


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