Staying Connected During a Pandemic

With many of us spending more time at home and limiting our contact with others, feelings of loneliness and isolation are to be expected. Distance may be keeping us safe as we work, learn, exercise and relax remotely, but what do we do when we are missing social interaction? How can we stay close to those we care about?

Read on for tips to help you stay connected during a pandemic.

Wear a Face Mask

Sometimes catching up with a friend or family member in person is enough to put a smile on your face. If you are planning a meeting, make sure you wear a face mask. When you choose a multi-layered mask with 95 percent filtration and practice social distancing, both of you will be protected.

Children and teens may be finding the lack of connection particularly difficult. With remote learning and their favorite after-school activities canceled, a visit with a friend or relative will give them something to look forward to. There are smaller disposable kids’ face masks available from Green Supply, with comfortable straps and an adjustable nose bridge.

Make the Most of Technology

We rely on technology in our everyday lives, and it can be the perfect tool for staying connected. Video chat is great for work meetings, virtual parties and calling grandparents. Being able to see faces and body language is almost as good as meeting friends in real life.

Teenagers can nurture their peer group friendships by playing games together, and social media can be beneficial when used appropriately. For example, Messenger Kids is an online chat application that can be monitored by parents.

Spend Quality Time With Family

Just because there are other people in your household, doesn’t mean you spend quality time together. You can create a routine with your immediate family to promote discussions, connection and laughter.

Consider taking turns to cook a family meal, and sit down together at the table to eat. You could plan a weekly movie night or games night, and go for a walk each evening. Your family unit will become closer and you will be able to support each other through the pandemic.

Write Letters and Send Parcels

You can break up the monotony of the day and reach out to others by writing letters and sending parcels. A handwritten letter will be a nice surprise for someone you care about, and you may even get one in return.

Now is the time to send flowers, a handmade gift or chocolates to a friend or relative, as it will be sure to put them in a good mood. They will remember that you were there for them during the pandemic, and it will make you feel good doing something for others.

Staying Connected While Staying Safe

To slow the spread of the virus we are spending more time at home. While this is good for our physical health, it can take its toll on our mental well-being. If you are looking for ways to stay connected, start with video chat and social media.

Meet a friend safely by wearing a quality mask and maintaining your distance. Send a letter to a loved one, and don’t forget the people you live with. Reconnecting with your household members will be good for your relationships and you may even create some happy memories as you go.

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