A Truly Affordable & Efficient Solar Vehicle

Andrieu Lecondeguy

The affordable and efficient solar vehicle solution you’ve been waiting for is here!

A vehicle so amazing, so quick, so quiet, so green and so easy to obtain!

Never before has there been such an abundance of parts and fuel!

Never before has there been such a wide variety of colors and sizes and custom accessories!

And you, my friends, can learn how to operate one in just 3 easy lessons. 

After learning how to run one of these solar-powered vehicles, fueling up for your errands is as simple as eating a bowl of oatmeal! And you can refuel any time and any place you’d like, so there’s absolutely no limit to your range.

Sound too good to be true?

Call now!

This offer will not be repeated. Or ever discussed again with kids under the age of 4, especially while eating peanut butter. Some conditions may apply. Your mileage may vary.

[Image: andy_c at Flickr]

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