Why You Should Consider Using a Baby Sling for Your Newborn

It is likely that you have heard about babywearing if you are a new mother or pregnant and expecting a newborn. Babywearing refers to the method of carrying your little ones using a carrier or sling. There are many medical benefits of wearing your infants. Babywearing makes your baby cry less, promotes infant physical development, and enhances maternal-infant bonding. Before you buy a sling for your newborn, there are certain factors you need to consider.

First, does the sling fit your height and build? Most slings come in different shapes and sizes. It is advisable you choose one that fits your torso length and shoulder width. Second, you need to examine the padding before choosing the sling that best suits you. Third, try to find out if it is easy to adjust the sling. When you choose the right baby sling for your infant, it will last a lifetime. The sling you choose should be adjustable and comfortable to carry your infants. The following are reasons why you should consider using a sling to carry your infant.

Prevent flat head syndrome

If you allow your baby to lie flat on their backs there is a risk that they will get a flat head syndrome. This condition usually affects infants that spend most time lying on their backs or sitting in an infant seat. Doctors may recommend black sleeping to prevent the chance of sudden infant death syndrome. But if your infant spends most hours of the day back sleeping, the constant pressure of the skull may lead to flat baby heads. To prevent flat head syndrome make sure you carry your young ones using an ergonomic sling.

Promotes healthy hip development

Did you know that carrying your infant can help promote healthy hip development? When you are carrying your baby in the shape position, where your infant’s knees are above their bottom, you are actually supporting their natural position. You can easily achieve this comfortable position by using an ergonomic sling which promotes healthy hip development in kids.

It is convenient to carry your newborn

When using strollers to carry your newborn, you have to stay on pavement, otherwise you will have a hard time pushing the stroller. On the other hand, carrying a toddler using a baby carrier can be uncomfortable and heavy for most parents. But when you use a sling to carry your newborn, you can comfortably walk around and navigate busy streets without too much difficulty. If you have much luggage to carry and you are traveling by plane or train, you can carry your baby using a sling.

Promotes maternal-infant bonding

Unlike mothers, fathers may not have a strong bonding with newborns, which also goes for caregivers, babysitters, and grandparents. Cuddling up close with your infant in a sling is a great way of bonding with babies. Oxytocin, which is released when a mother holds her child close using a sling, helps promote maternal-infant bonding. When there is strong maternal-infant bonding, it helps promote better infant care and reduces the risk of psychosomatic illness and postpartum depression.

Promotes healthy development

When you carry a toddler in a sling, he mimics the sound of your heartbeat, your movements, and breathing. The benefit of this stimulation is that it regulates your baby’s physical response and helps exercise their vestibular system. A sling acts as a “transitional womb” for the newborn that has yet to learn how to control his movement and bodily functions. Studies have gone to show that babies who are born prematurely gain pounds faster and become healthier when they are carried in slings.

Reduce reflux and colic symptoms

When your little ones sit in an upright ‘M’ position when carrying them with a sling, it can help reduce reflux and colic symptoms. If your baby is suffering from colic and reflux symptoms while carried in their arms, they tend to tire very quickly. But a sling can provide a much needed relief to their arms. In addition, tummy to tummy contact with your infant while carrying them in a sling helps to massage their abdomen, which in turn reduces risk of constipation, trapped wind, and digestion.

Toddlers cry less when you carry them

Young babies tend to cry when they are hungry. They may also cry if they want to be held or have colic. You can soothe a crying baby by cuddling them and ensuring there is physical contact between you and them. When you hold your infant close to your heartbeat, it gives them a reassuring and calming feeling, especially during the first months after birth. Studies show that babies who are carried for about 1 to 2 hours daily cry 43% less during the day and 54% less at night.

Get out and experience the world together

It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or out, using a sling to carry your baby provides you with a hands-free way of caring for your loved ones. Carrying your babies in a sling makes them go into a state of quiet alertness which has been proven to be vital for learning. As a result, your baby will go into a state of heightened awareness to experience the world as you go out and about together.

Slings are economical

Unlike strollers and backpacks, slings are much cheaper. If you are looking for inexpensive slings you can find them at thrift stores, it will cost you between $25 and $50 to buy a new sling.

Parents, especially mothers, love to cuddle their young ones. But sometimes you may not be as close to your baby as you want to because you are busy running other errands. That is where slings can prove to be important. Babywearing is not only fun for both the kid and mum, but also healthy for you. When you walk around as you carry your child, you will essentially be weightlifting, which is healthy for you. As a mother, you will have the peace of mind when you know your baby is around you and not left in a stroller in a public place.

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