New Dads: What to Expect After Baby Arrives

Typically, becoming a father changes one’s life, although it is hard to realize how and in what different ways life changes for you as a father. When a father brings their baby at home for the first time, they will always have many questions about their baby and the baby’s mother. The father feels like they have got a new responsibility. Fathers will also be scared, panicked, or like they are not ready for being a father. To control this, one should know that they are not alone. Generally, when anyone becomes a parent, it is very common to be nervous about your new roles as fathers or mothers because it is a brand new experience with new and important commitments.

Becoming a Father

Typically, fathers and mothers come across issues that are not that much different from each other when it comes to them being parents. Still, most of the time, fathers tend to focus more on the responsibilities that are financial-related. These are things like the college savings for their kid, the cost of bringing up the child, and some questions on how they will get through all this. Since it is their first time in this role, it can create stress and anxiety.

Sleep Training

What is sleep training? This is a question that many fathers may not know about. When one becomes a father for the first time, they will face new terms and responsibilities that they may not completely understand. When people hear of sleep training, what comes into their minds are babies who are red-faced from crying, while the parents are somewhere listening and waiting if the baby will fall asleep. But that is not always the case. Typically, when it comes to baby sleep training, there are also things you can do. Parents can be capable of teaching their babies to fall asleep by themselves, particularly by self-soothing. Among the baby’s sleep training habits, some methods can be used: cry it out method, chair method, no tears method, and Ferber method.

Family and Friends

A new father should ask their partner to limit the number of guests visiting them at first. Babies will not be shy when they are around unfamiliar individuals for the early months. They may end up being tired and overstimulated when there are many people in their surroundings. Limit others from handling your baby too much. Specifically, you should always ask them to wash their hands before holding your baby since the immune system is not well developed.


It is essential for everyone to be a responsible father. Everyone has a wish to be a great father, but the fact remains that the position of fatherhood is a very tricky one. Always try to emulate our father’s positive examples. A new father will still want to do things their own way and hopefully be even better than their father was.

Fatherhood is not always easy because the kids spend most of their time with their mothers. Therefore, the fathers do not interact with the kids enough. This can result in the fathers not being great dads as they wished to be. However, there are books and online help to give you the knowledge you need to be a better father. These ideas make it easy for men to become better fathers and can give them great ideas.

Ways to Become a Better Father

Being a better father is not as easy as some may think. Here are some of the ways one can become the best father:

  • Praise your kids
  • As a good father, you are not supposed to fear expressing your feelings to your entire family
  • Take time from work and spend some time with your family
  • Make a habit of cooking for your family
  • Always have time for your kids and put all your attention to your kids
  • Give kind but firm counsel when necessary
  • When wrong, still admit that you have made a mistake and solve it maturely

These are just a few ideas that might help a new father. You can find more information online, or ask a trusted friend or counselor.

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