Factors To Consider When Looking For A Crib Mattress

A baby is a bundle of joy for both parents. Actually, being a parent is an overwhelming and exciting experience. However, a baby will also bring along some stresses, with some being expensive at times. We parents love putting everything in place before the arrival of the main gift.

One of the most important purchases we concentrate our minds on is a crib’s mattress. Your bundle of joy will be spending about 17 hours per day sleeping in their crib and this makes their sleeping surface an important consideration.

Although it is hard to make the wrong choice with the current safety regulations there still a few factors, you need to consider before making the investment. This guide is going to help you find a safe haven for your newborn.

Firmness level

According to the crib mattress regulations, the firmer the mattress the better. Infants can be safer sleeping on a firm mattress. If you are wondering why a firm mattress is better than a soft one, it is because a firm mattress will support the fragile and growing bodies of the baby.

Also, keep in mind that infants can be prone to suffocation so a firm mattress decreases sleep-related issues. You can test the level of firmness by pressing firmly on the center and at the edges of the surface. A mattress that regains its shape quickly is has a good measure of firmness.


Again, you need to pay a close attention to the ventilation mechanisms. Check for ventilation holes and breathable cover material. The ventilation on the sides of the mattress plays a very good role by allowing airflow and moisture to escape.

Because of this, the chances of bad odors and allergens are significantly reduced. On top of this, ventilation also decreases warmth on the surface of the mattress, creating a cooler surface that is essential for a comfortable night rest for your little one.

Size and fit

As a safety check, it is also important to ensure that your little one’s mattress snugly fits within the crib. While a crib mattress is designed to fit, you should make sure that it fits with no more than a ¼-inch gap between the crib and the mattress. Therefore, you should measure your crib so that you can find a matching mattress.

In case of a specially shaped crib, find a custom sized mattress that goes into the crib without leaving even a width of two fingers. It is recommendable to test the fit of the mattress at the time of purchase to ensure a proper match.

Cover material

The cover will be the first to wear out. For this reason, it is important to consider both durable and safe covers. A durable cover gives your mattress a longer lifespan.

On top of this, a waterproof cover will prevent moisture from penetrating into your baby’s mattress. That is not all; a waterproofing covering also makes it easier to wipe any mess.

Material fill

Crib mattresses are available in a variety of materials, each with its own pros and cons. The first type is foam. Foam is a popular choice for many parents. It is cheap and lightweight, and this makes cleaning the child’s mess an easier task. Besides, it makes an easy travel option. The downside is that foam mattresses trap heat.

The second option is an innerspring mattress. Although it is an expensive option, it is still a popular option. The springs offer superior support which is ideal for orthopedic and safety needs.

Third, you can choose an organic mattress. This is the most expensive mattress fill, but the high price is compensated by the fact that organic fill is the healthiest material available. Therefore, it does not contain potentially harmful chemicals and allergens.


If you can pay attention to these factors, then you can be sure that a good crib mattress is right around the corner. Furthermore, you can choose a mattress that is customized to your wishes but fitting the needs of your baby.

The bottom line is, find a safe and snug mattress and you will rest assured that your baby will rest comfortably. So go out and make it happen!

Photo by Michal Bar Haim on Unsplash

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